MOD Pizza

3119 N Hwy 67, Florissant
(314) 325-8572

Recent Reviews

Toni Stroder

Great pizza, fast ,friendly employees. Under 30 dollars for 3 pizza.

Cathy Blair

MODS was once a great place to get good pizza! I got a cauliflower pizza tonight that was burned to a crisp. Horrible and disappointing!!!!

Sherri Rauch

My grandkids took me there.Great people working there.Very attentive to a 4 and 7 year old giving their pizza order.Will be going afaun.

Erika Holmes

Hats Off! Went in this evening and staff was on point with AWESOME service. Had an issue with the MOD app and the staff handled my concern in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. Visited many times at this location and never a disappointment! Keep up the great work!

Vante GCF

Highly clean, all new staff, efficient service. It is extremely busy on Thurs-Sun but the staff does extremely well with the huge demand of customers.

Algerethea Brown

The pizza is good but sometimes the staff doesn't listen before trying to service the customer.

David Forbes

The atmosphere was stellar, the staff was professional and friendly. Our pizzas were prepared correctly and fresh. We would definitely come back again.

Heli PadUSA

We keep ordering pizzas with EXTRA EXTRA PEPPERONI requested and get pizzas with 8 pieces. Deliberate? I mean seven pizzas in a row we still have yet to get the extra pepp. No other location does this, just north county.

Chet Christiansen

I generally do takeout. The atmosphere is welcoming, the staff friendly, and the food is of course good.

Hiyello1 Gal

Good and I had the cauliflower thats whats up. I will always get that pizza bc of the crust...


Today was my first time visiting this location and it was horrible. Very unclean, the workers weren’t professional at all or sanitary! The food presentation was terrible and very sloppy. I won’t be back to this location. Ladue’s location could never. Period!

Margiree Hines

I am such a fan of this place! The produce is soo fresh and the options are plentiful. The staff are very friendly at this location!! I recommend.

Robert Howard

Pulled up and there were 5 people standing outside, waiting to get in. I asked why are we waiting outside? No one really knew? There were 3 customers inside. One person opened the door and the employee screamed stay outside till we call you in? A note or a person outside to give directions works have been nice. I had more issues inside but what's the point, I won't be going back

Veronica Jenkins

Well it was good for a while, now you have ignorant- no customer service skills at all running it ? ?Thankfully the gentleman working cared about his job and had respect for others or I would have cancellef my order. Inconvenient, rude, and act extra ignorant for asking for extra cheese.!? Just plain sad!

Roshawnda Sutton

The staff here is helpful, fast, friendly. Social distanced guidelines are enforced. The food is at a reasonable price and I was highly satisfied what's the overall performance of the store. Kudos and shout out to the staff and employer of this establishment! You will have my business again definitely! :-)

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