QDOBA Mexican Eats

18921 E Valley View Pkwy Ste C, Independence
(816) 795-3350

Recent Reviews

Mark Fiorino

The Chipotle in Blue Springs is not good. Filthy anytime I have gone. Thought I would Qdoba in Independance and glad I did. Clean place, friendly staff, great food.

James Webber

Best looking burrito bowl in a long time! Ty was great ??

Steven Wright

Food was good but tore my stomach apart. Not entirely their fault I suppose but still can't give a full 5 star because of it.

Luke Scheil

Always prompt and good service everytime I come here. Lots of food customization options

BradandJen McCleary

Great location fast, friendly, and good atmosphere. I like several subtle difference about Qdoba from Chipotle. They are just different enough you can enjoy both. The staff were was very friendly. And the inside was huge, I was shocked.

Justen Holder

This place is like a lower quality version of Chipotle, but they charge the same. The steak is not steak its more like overcooked roast beef. All the food had a dry hardened layer on top like it sat out all day, and my tortilla was dry. I ate 3 bites of my burrito and threw it away. I gave two stars because the lady was nice and the guacamole was ok.

Homer McMillan

Good food, still good food, the queso cheese dip, are very small. The first ones we ordered were decent size, then they are less than half the size now. Updated on07/30/21.

Konrad Smith

good food and reasonable prices

Travel “Dave” Long

This place has Coc-roaches in the main dining area and the tables are filthy!!It was completely disgusting should have taken pictures.

Anna Melnik

They have a lot of food options. I got a bowl and it was very delicious, I recommend.

John W.

Seriously, if you are offering chips with most food items, why are your chips ALWAYS stale. EVERY time. Serve fresh chips.

Wade Romesburg

Excellent Mexican food. Super fast place to come and either sit down or take out a very generous portion of food at a decent price. I recommended for anybody who enjoys simple yet filling dishes.


Well first of all out of the 4 staff only 1 had any idea what she was doing. So she was helping and fixing what they were doing. So the service was slow. Need more staff for the lunch rush! Had the double chicken protein bowl. While the chicken was really good, better then Chipotle, the cooked peppers and onions were still hard and the onion pieces were large and not separated into slivers, and still cold.....

Kim Lydick

The restaurant was empty but it took three employees 10 minutes to arrange 4 meals. Not because anything was cooking or being prepared, the were just slow as molasses. They didn't listen when orders were made and then had to start all over, then still made the order incorrectly. In the end the food tasted like plastic. ?

Mariah B

Heard about this place and how it was comparable to Chipotle and wanted to give it a go. I will say I was pleasantly surprised. The food tasted fresh and I thought it was super cool how they offer mini bowls— it was the perfect portion. Ordered a mini bowl and chips/queso. The queso was a little on the Spicey side but good. My only complaint was I ordered through the app and somehow they never got it. They were quick to correct and had it out within 3 minutes. Would go back!

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