Firehouse Subs Bel Aire

1816 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin
(417) 782-1210

Recent Reviews

Michael M.

Better than Subway, some unique flavors but not up to par compared to a Jersey Mikes's, Mr. Pickles, or most Mom and pop delis. I tend to go here for three reasons; 1. It's far better than Subway 2. They have outdoor seating and we love to eat outside 3. The support firefighters and first responders and some of the proceeds go to buy them better gear The sandwiches are somehow lacking in freshness, the meat ok but not great, the bread more or less the same as Subway or Port-a-subs. I think with better bread the sandwiches would be far better. The ones I like, the meatball, the New York steamer, and the Steak and cheese. I don't like their Italian or the grinder, to me they are both made with the wrong meats. Honey ham does not belong in an Italian sub to me. This location has the Coke machines with all the flavors, it's hit or miss, with many of the sodas blending together and all taste the same. But some of the lemonades and limeades are good. Service is ok, a bit slow but I think it's because they are short-handed like everyone else.

Sebastian Johns

Delivery driver. Was told to sit and wait while my order was being prepared. Order was finished but never called out. Waited in the store for half an hour before someone realized the order had been sitting ready to go.Staff extremely unfriendly and refused to admit to a minor mistake when addressing the situation. Wouldn't want these people making my food.

K.J. Hasekamp

Good subs and friendly staff. You can also round up to support first responders.

Samuel Hency

Great sandwiches and good service. Really can't go wrong here.

Jerry DeMoss

Over priced, barely enough meat to taste

Clayton Manderscheid

Me and my brother just went for the first time, we both got the brisket. He got a medium with chips and a drink and total was $12.09, I got a large with a drink and a cookie and was $15 something and rounded up to $16. When we got the food I was surprised when our sandwiches were the same size qnd came in the same size boxes when I paid $4 more. Now I know to get the medium obviously since the large is a upcharge for absolutely nothing extra. ?

Jennifer L.

Stopped here for lunch and was very satisfied. Friendly workers, fast service, and very good food! This place was also clean and so were the restrooms. Would definitely come back again

Tommy Thomas

I have had several different subs they are all good I like firehouse

Shelly Goerz

Love the sandwiches and service.

Mark Kight

There is no better place if your looking for a sub sandwich. It's the best I've ever had. ❤

Gregory H

Normally no issues here, little pricey but bearable. Had a little miscommunication/misunderstanding about a phone in order that could have been easily resolved but the employee that addressed me was rude and basically called me a thief. Probably not going back.

Jamie Hunt

Girl taking the order was extremely short & rude. It wasn't just with us. While waiting for our food to be completed, she was rude to everyone & everyone was commenting about her. Then she got my husband order wrong & when we took the sandwich back to have the onions removed she argued with my husband that he didn't say no onions.

Krazzie Ken

Had the smokehouse was fabulous!!!!

Lower48 Traveling

Delicious as always! Never disappointed no matter what State we go to they are always delicious

Robert Wintle

Great Sandwich. Beats Subway hands down.

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