Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

2415 S Rangeline Rd, Joplin
(417) 206-7184

Recent Reviews

eg smith

There steak was great so is the mushrooms and corn bread. The only reason why I give it 3 instead of 4 is bc the price. 37 and change for two ppl. That's bf the tip.... And it was a Friday night so it's packed.

Dana Scott

Went with my daughter today and everything looked really good, but when we got some of the food it looked better than it tasted. For example, the baked fish....I don't even know how to explain that. Like mushy mush...the chicken was tasteless and dry. Some of the deserts were so sweet we couldn't even eat half a bite. I'm not sure what happened because we use to come here after church every Sunday and pig out. Food before the pandemic was so much better.

Leon Squire

All you can eat. Very good food ,I enjoy it very much . I' ll be going again.

Jessica Hawkins

I love buffets and my 3 stars comes from the server me and my kids had that day was not friendly towards us at all. Spoke to everyone else she had for long periods of time and when my son special needs son said thank you for his drink 3 times she ignored him. So needless to say there was a very small tip compared to what she would have gotten. It wasn't until we were leaving that she decided to speak. By then in NY book it is too late.

Lynn Bishop

It was amazing as usual,,,,and we had a very friendly waitress and our area was also very clean,,,,But the main thing is the Food was the best and I didn't get any pictures but I will next time !!!!!!!

Kesaundra Smith

The food is okay. Not the worst. It would be way better if it wasn't $18 per adult. Drinks not included in that price. I take my family there about once a year. Can't afford to spend $80 for 4 adults and 1 child very often.

Bryan Tait

I treated my friends to dinner and this place did not disappoint. They had never been to a Golden Corral before so the visit was perfect! The food was hot, fresh and delicious. The building and food areas were clean. There was an odar when we first walked into the building that lasted. Other than that it was good.

Tatyana S.

We couldn't even finish our food in the building it was so horrible the SMELL of the whole place smells like bad body odor and cat piss smells like there's an actual cat box in the "buffet" Not exaggerating one bit. Negative 5 stars WOULD NOT recommend

tina youshldknow

Our checkout staff was friendly, our waitress was very good at keeping us filled with drinks & plates however there was a severe bad smell at the salad bar area & one lady simply dumped her lettuce BACK into the bowl after it was on her plate & her touching to spread it around. Naw. I think I will take a break from buffets for awhile.

Nlighten Franklin

The food was fresh and tasted great. The restaurant was clean and the staff inviting.

Tuta Nae

We had a wondweful lunch. We r a family of 5 women. . 60.50 was very reasonable for all the great food we ate

Brad Hayes

Good food , courteous Waiters, great Value

Chasity Denny

Amazing service and great food

Bonnie Teehee

Fair price for seniors. Food on the buffet is kept fresh. The food areas are very clean. Floors are clean. Restrooms are clean and smell sanitized. Best for your money.

tom cassady

Service was excellent tables were clean and sanitized food was fresh and hot desserts very very good. My wife and I eat there three to four times a week and the experience is remarkably consistent.

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