Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle & Grill

2640 E 32nd St, Joplin
(417) 627-9966

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Richard Fuller

Spacious and spartan interior.The Pho Ga' was plentiful,tasty and appealing. The fresh spring rolls w/ shrimp and peanut sauce was a well done appetizer.I heartily recommend 'PHO SAIGON' to lovers of Vietnamese Cuisine!

Deborah W

My husband and I love this place. Large portions and very good food. He gets the pork & egg roll bowl & I get the grilled shrimp and egg roll bowl.

Erica In Christ

Delicious! Good price too. So excited to have some good Vietnamese food again!

Heather Wimsett

The food was delicious! Next time I might try it take out, there was something wrong with the air conditioning and it was very hot in the restaurant.

Allison J.

So pleased!! My husband and I were passing through Joplin and decided to stop and have pho (something light and local). LOVED IT! Joplin is fortunate to have such tasty pho!!

Suensia Siano

So, I'm from the island where there is a lot more vietnamese restaurants, and by far in Joplin this is the closest you'll get to some what of Vietnamese food.. I personally worked for vietnamese restaurant before, and we offered the best service and most of all the most authentic Vietnamese food ever for a small place. This one on the other hand is okay, not too bad... But the waitress who has an attitude up her fanny, it make the whole expirence messed up. Don't get #401 if you do not like sweet meat with rice...

Liz S.

Going out on a limb and gonna say this is the best phó in Joplin. Authentic... comparable to what we've had in Hawaii. Soup is a little sweeter and no tendon... but it'll do. Great spring rolls.

Trey Sapp

Good food but AC was not working well so I didn't stay long. For sure I'd go again if it was cooler though.

EM Adams

Always amazing! Best pho broth around!

Mike M.

Great place to eat Vietnamese. Clean and well decorated. The food was about as good as I have had in Asian food. We each had a vermicelli dish. One with pork and one with beef. Both were well seasoned and tasty. Both meats were tender and juicy. Service was adequate and friendly, but not incredible. We will be back.

Zach G.

I got the vermicelli bowl with grilled pork and egg rolls. It was fantastic. I've also had the pho and it was very good. I'm so glad a place like this exists in Joplin. Great Vietnamese food

Seal Indeed

Really great food. Not very expensive either, especially for the quality you are getting. Highly recommend for pho lovers.

Thiện Nguyễn

Pretty good Vietnamese good—can attest somewhat to its authenticity being Viet-American myself. They did change the prices to be more expensive for more than what I was willing to buy, but if you have the money and crave some Viet food—I’d recommend y’all here.

Chessi Cat

The people complaining about bad service a few days ago were a lady and her daughter or sister or something. I was there. She was trying to explain that they didn't have the item she was asking for, and they kept insisting. The hand gestures were her pointing to the menu on the wall to show them what they did have. This place is amazing. People complaining about piercings being unprofessional, which is ridiculous and their own inability to listen are, you may notice, the minority. Don't believe the bad reviews. That girl has worked every single day from open to close for years except recently when they had some help. She's definitely underpaid and over worked and underappreciated. When you treat people like that you're going you lose them. I'll miss the place if it goes under when they finally run her off. But while she's there the place is great.


this place is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AMAZING!!! I’ve never had vietnamese food before but oh my god this place is delicious! never too loud or crowded, always super good, and the workers are so nice

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Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle & Grill

2640 E 32nd St, Joplin, MO 64801
(417) 627-9966