RibCrib BBQ

2915 E 24th St, Joplin
(417) 206-7427

Recent Reviews

Candi Moomey

Short staffed yes, but super friendly and welcoming immediately! Food is always good!

Sharri Doty

Our waitress was awesome. Waited on us with lots of knowledge of the place.

Angela Wallace

Amazing food I not only gave the waitress a nice tip but I also went to cooks window & gave him a nice tip as well

Kathie Greenlee

Melt in your mouth meat and a full bar. We are a full, happy family.

JaAnna Meador

Very good customer service, food.

Ryan Reed

Received amazing service. We were ordering through ue and had an issue so I called the store. The lady helped me fix it and when my order came there was a hand written note! I would recommend this place not only for the food but also the customer service.


My husband and I eat here every once in awhile usually for lunch because it's never super busy. It's decent bbq. I like their sandwiches. Well, this time my aunt invited me to eat here with her for lunch on a Saturday. We got seated quickly and the hostess gave us menus. So we are looking over our menus and chatting but no one every came to take our drink order, let alone our lunch order! We looked around and never seen the server or the host so we got up and left. They were not busy by no means and we sat there probably 15 to 20 minutes. Not sure I'll be back!

Bob Saget

The food was okay but nothing to brag about. The pork had more fat than meat and the brisket was bland. The fries were great and the refreshme ts were great! The staff seems to not lack energy and care sadly. I hope this place picks it up before it's too late

Brian Jones

On this trip, we almost kinda got what we ordered, but at least the portions were laughably small and it took what seemed like a lifetime to get to us. We have always enjoyed Rib Crib in the past, so l hope this was an isolated incident.

Randa Poppe

Good food, great waitress! My daughter is allergic to many foods. The waitress worked with us to be sure she could eat what was ordered.

Bruce Hennessy

Food is decent. Had a gift card is the only reason we got it. I got 6 onion rings in my meal which is awesome ? if you want good meat do it yourself or go to a food truck

Robert Conway

Great food and a cup you get to take with you! Nice touch! Food was exceptional and strawberry Lemonade was on point! Only thing I really wish was that there were more BBQ sauce options as I like a spicy BBQ sauce and I think there's was more of maybe a bold or hickory maybe brown sugar kind of taste. Great customer service from the waitress! Food was quickly prepared and preparation was good,, not messy.. Will be back again!

Annetta Toney

We have been eating here for over 8 years 2to 3 times a week and the food is a 5 star but you have a bad handycap parking .Parking for handicap is on the side of the building with no door I can't walk all around the building if i could walk i wouldn't need handicaped.so i park in front so am closer to the door today i was told i couldn't park there i am sorry but we wont be back until entering is better .we have spent thousands of dollars there and not be treaded like that

Rocko D.

Drove up today to the Joplin location for lunch. Parking lot empty. Hours say they are open. Called store and who ever answered thought they were closed for "cleaning" Seems like since they don't open until 11am that all could be done in the morning. Never a good idea to be closed during business hours!

Steven Scott

Food was good but there staffing needs work. I mean I had to get my own drink. Plus they had people waiting 30min for a seat when the place was not even half full. Not cool.

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