Sonic Drive-In

3333 N Rangeline Rd, Joplin
(417) 624-4828

Recent Reviews

Danny Paddock

The posted hours were incorrect. Pulled in with 5 minutes to close and placed a pretty big order. They fulfilled with no complaints.

Carrie Reed

Our food was cold, the tots weren't cooked fully, and the chicken strips, if you want to call it that, was burnt to the point no one could eat it!!!

Samantha Navarro

The guy that served us was high. He dropped peanut butter into my son's oreo blizzard, thankfully my son just dislikes PB and is not allergic. My husband was supposed to get a Rt. 44 slush, but it was a large. I wanted to call the manager and complain but we didn't get a receipt. I will not visit this location again.

Brandy Arbuckle

Sweet tea ain't sweet when it sits in and gets watered down before brought to me or was just made weak as hell. Like it usually is. Only go here when someone you know works cause on drink end it slacks.

Jeremy Samuel

A little wonky on the order but service was good and food was good

Ariana Council

First Sonic I've ever seen with a play area. Since we needed to stretch our legs it was a great stop. Good food, nice staff, and clean facility. I recommend it.

Dean Ross

Generally one of the best Sonics in the area. Food's always good and hot, and delivered quick. The car hops are always nice. Only problem is trying to find a screen that's on, because if you order on the app you can't check in if the screen's dead.

Jesse Roberson

I don't typically eat at Sonic but the drinks make me drive to wherever the closest one is. Currently my go to is half lemonade half unsweet tea.... Arnold Palmer Sonic style. If they mix it right it's one of the best.

Liz Ferreira

Most of the time they are good but there are other time they are not so good we pulled up then pushed the button and no one answered we waited about 20 minutes then still no answer I pushed the button again and still no one answered then we just decided to go through the drive through it took about maybe 5 minutes for the employee to talk to us then we gave them our order not long after they gave us our food and they got the order wrong so time there has been better but at this time it was not.

JrøD K.

My experience here was terrifically wonder, especially because Deanna Martin made it so. Thanks for the great fast food experience, unlike any other so called \\\"fast\\\" food establishments. I will revisit this place even if I hafta drive all the way across town.

Laura Holler

The guy was super friendly and very kind. However, the chicken tenders were overcooked, hard, and rubbery. They looked like they had sat on the warmer all day.

Jamie D.

Cheeseburger with chili add was ice cold....and buns were burnt. Disappointing--drove 45 min to eat sonic.

William Vanderiet

It's great food, just have a hard time stomaching the price.

Tabitha Burton

Food was good however we ordered mustard and got mayo on our burgers.

Marshall Duff

Sonic was particularly fast today. Quality was still good, just faster.

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