Drum Coffee Roasting

1000 E Broadway St, Missoula
(406) 721-3786

Recent Reviews

Scarlet Danner

Awesome coffee! Fast service. I got a salted caramel latte. It was smooth, with just the right balance of flavors and sweetness. 16 Oz is their biggest size. Great place with comfortable seating, food and merchandise.

ryan toupin

Really great coffee and cool shop. Stopped in just before close but wish we had had more time to hang out. Check this place out!

Maria McEvoy

Just stopped by for a tea and my barista Patti (spelling?) was an absolute ANGEL. Could not have asked for sweeter service; she completely made my day.

Drew Dubendorfer

Passing through Missoula and I’m blown away by this place. I had two of the best espresso drinks of my life here, their cortado and a special made cubano. The staff is equally amazing, SO friendly and awesome multitaskers. I’d move to Missoula just for Drum Coffee.

Kyles Reactions

Awesome coffee, good seating, and had nice selection of background music.

Boy T.

Horrible service and disgusting coffee. If you have plans don't go through the drive through, it takes forever, the first taste of my mocha tasted like I do not know what, but definitely not a mocha, and last but not least, the service by the condescending millennial dbags will keep me away for good. So disappointing.

Breeann A.

The coffee is fine here and get the job done. I wouldn't recommend the breakfast sandwich unless you're looking for more of a cold cut picnic style sandwich on a bun in the morning . . . not my jam, but maybe someone would like it.

Tahane H

So we are on one of those summer road trips and after 7hrs of driving, we pulled in here to have a bathroom break and get some snacks and keep trekking... we arrived and found the doors locked and my 4 and 8 year old couldn't hold it. We ran back to the car and I shut my 4 year old's hand in the car door (total mom fail) and Ben went above and beyond and gave us a cup of ice and a giant cookie (which was the perfect distraction) and even opened up the bathroom for us. He took what could have been a temporary disaster and fixed it in 2 minutes flat. It was a level of kindness I was not expecting and couldn't be more grateful for. Good people work here. I will support them every time we drive by missoula just because of Ben's kindness. I hope the owner/manager gives him an attaboy because he deserves it. Thank you all.

Rebecca S.

This place, hands down, has the best coffee in town! It is perfectly roasted, and the baristas really know what they are doing. Their baked goods are DELICIOUS and they also have many amazing vegan options! Yummy sandwiches too!

Fernanda + Justin D.

Iced Oatmilk Vanilla Latte! Yum yum yum!!! I had it first day we were in Missoula and had to come back for some more right before we left. Also had their biscuit and the Challad roll and they were both delish as well!

Sierra Gideon

Love their coffee and treats, especially the olive oil cake.

Daniel Martin

Cold coffee and didn't have Splenda.

Kelly McLysaght

Awesome oat milk latte! There was a bit of a wait in the drive thru this morning but nothing insane, when it was my turn to order I got my drink really quick.

Rusty Hermes

Nice folk working counter always kind, coffees pretty good, But thier soups are amazing. Curry apple and rice, Curry pumpkin both homeruns and they serve with nice hunks of fresh banquet. Very pleased with Drum Coffee.

J Mo

One of two actual espresso bars in Missoula. If you love coffee- not just sugar, this is your spot.

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