Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

4855 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-1040

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Sue Rose

even though lobby is closed still great drive thru food

Lawrence Hall

This place is not located in Washington which is a bummer because it is absolutely awesome


cleans, good food and decent service, all in all one of the betetr places . The staff seems to like their joob

Ruvim G.

I'm driving with a truck and trailer and I can't go through a drive-three. Lobby is closed and how the hell am I supposed to get food. Ur typical liberal place.

Renee Jones

Great customer service!! It was a pleasure despite the wait. Definitely worth it.Great burgers! Probably one of my top experiences eating a fast food type burger.

Jackson Flint

Went here for some patty melts with my best friend Ethe and let me just say, I was disappointed that we couldn’t go in. I understand that there is a shortage of workers in Missoula, but I wanted the whole dine in experience. We were forced to go through the drive through which took forever and I understand because the food was pretty good. They kinda shorted us on the fries but it was still good. We just chowed down in the car cause we couldn’t wait to get home.

Jacob Krohn

People were so excited to eat here they didn't care about getting into fender benders in the drive through.

Robert K.

Ok first off, this is normally my most favorite fast food chain. Traveling to Montana , we figured to stop here. This place is drive thru only. Strike one. Second strike ,the out door seating is filthy with trash over flowing the cans. Ok now let's get to strike 3. Ordered three meals for the fam. All three sandwiches were luke warm at best. The French fries were room temp at best. Strike out! This place says staff shortage, pay the people better! They charge 9$ for a meal for shits sake! You can afford to hire more help! I expect better, and Freddys should expect better. Avoid this shit hole.

Randy J

Never have I given Freddy's less than 5 stars. This location is closed to indoor dining. I called. He directed me to the app. I ordered the food and selected that "I'm here" (I was in the parking lot). This was at 115pm. I go sit by the door and wait for the food. The guy brings out one order for the family in front of me. He saw me. Said nothing. 150pm. I call. Same guy answers. I said I'm waiting on my food. He said it'll be right out. He came right out. So basically my food sat there for almost 40 minutes. It was cold. The icecream melted in the containers. He didn't offer to remake it. I'm saddened by this experience as I've been to many Freddy's across the country and my experience was great. I won't come back here and will not recommend it to anyone.

Erik Ekstrom

Lobby is currently closed, but we went through the drive through and had a great experience.

Alyssa J

The best burgers and frozen custard! I wish I lived closer to one.

Kami Kammerer

Freddy's is the place to go.. They make the best pup cup for the fur kids

Amanda Knabel

I absolutely loved the fried Cheese curds and the vanilla custard shake. I love a thick shake and this one has to be one of my favorites!!


Went through the drive through and they have awesome custard.

Jeremy P

Amazing burgers great fries! I've drove past this place a hundred times and never stopped until yesterday. Someone forgot to tell me how good the food is here so now I am telling everyone that'll listen that this place is AWESOME!!! I will definitely be making Freddy's one of my stops on my trips that way I might even make a special trip just for Freddy's! Ha! Do yourself a favor and get a bacon double with some fries and a shake!

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

4855 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 926-1040