Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

4855 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-1040

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Kindra Sinclair

They took forever to actually take our order and it was about a good 30 minutes wait before we actually got our food. The atmosphere was not welcoming at all, we walked in and the smell was awful! The food was absolutely awful, the fries were good but the rest of our food was terrible. The burgers looked fake and were WAY too thin and they looked faked.

Lydia Hansen

It took way to long to get my food (around 1hour)The food was alright I guess but I wouldn’t go back :( also there were kids outside vaping which I didn’t find appropriate.

De'Ara Randles

I got food from here the first day they opened. Spent approximately 1 hour in the drive thru. They messed up the entire order and to compensate they gave us coupons for free food for our next visit. Tried it again about a month or so later. They messed up that order and undercooked the food. I finally decided to give them another chance this evening, mind you this is years later, they were out of almost half of their items. We waited almost 30 minutes for our food. I've seen hash browns bigger than their fries, which weren't very good either. The burgers were barely put together and extremely thin. Neither my partner or I could actually finish our food. I started to feel sick about 1/2 way through my burger and they didn't even give us napkins with our order. Extremely disappointing and will not be going back ever again.

Alex E.

The food here is amazing! Fantastic burgers, stellar fries, the ice cream is delicious.Unfortunately the restaurant is a total dump inside. Dirty tables, overfllled trash bins, even the ordering counter and everything in the background is a disaster. Don’t even dare approach the restrooms.Best bet here is order drive through and try not to look. Just grab n go!

Laura T.

We pulled up to get a root beer float, the sign said they were out of custard. When we asked about the food, the girl in the drive thru said it would be a 50 minute wait if we ordered any food. Needless to say we left. Very poor customer service even if they were having problems.

Christian Dupree

I was very impressed by the quality of food and service here. It's definitely in the top 3 fast food franchises I have been to, and likely the best national(ish) franchise option in Missoula. The fries are those awesome shoestring kind cooked in some kind of tasty oil with herbs, the steak burgers are amazing and buttery and the cheese curds are just like the kind you get out in Wisconsin.Service was friendly and the place was spotless, I bet they even clean out the ice machine like their supposed to.If your in a hurry or in the mood for some classic Americana fast food, eat here.

JJ Calzadillas

I don't know if this was just a bad day for them but this was a super bad experience for me. I was really excited to try something new after being on the road for almost 6 hours. My wife and I stopped and the place was packed with people which I thought was great .. Busy place. We placed our order and took our seats to wait for our food. I saw people inquire about their own food as I assumed they were waiting as well. I then saw about 5 different people ask for refunds as they were giving up waiting on their food. Come back to my situation and I had already waited 45 minutes for my food... Nothing. I also gave up after a couple gentlemen told me they had been waiting over an hour. We got our refund and moved on down the road... Needless to say I never are there but waiting that long on "fast food" in my eyes is not acceptable. Consumer beware.

Bob Miller

First time stopping at a Freddie’s. Food and frozen custard was great but did not expect it to take an hour to get our food. Ordered our food at 1:20 pm on a Friday afternoon and were walking out at 2:20 pm and had to eat on the road as we were traveling. A warning would have been nice when we ordered. If it is busy when you pull in I would go somewhere else.

Christina Madera

I live in Spokane but drive all the way to Montana for the burger and cheese curds. It’s fast, great food and wonderful staff. The cheese curds are a must if you love mozzarella sticks like me. The line goes fairly quick and the desserts are even better.

Noelle Michalski

Waited an hour for our food after a 10 minute wait to order. Dirty tables, nasty bathrooms and the changing table bathroom was out of order and had to be unlocked by an employee (it’s the only changing table in the restaurant). Food was ok not worth price or wait. Fries were cold. ?

C L.

Made it home with bags of food missing two containers of fries and two lettuce wrapped burgers that were just pattie's of meat sitting on shredded lettuce without condiments

Angela W.

As other Yelpers have said -- the wait is long. If you're looking for a quick stop, this is not the place. They say the food is made to order, but they also seem to be understaffed and admitted to being backed up. That probably also explains why the restrooms haven't been maintained or checked. One stall was broken for quite some time, and it looked like people kept using because they didn't realize it was out of order, or didn't care. Now as far as the food goes, nothing special here for the price. Not bad, just meh. Jalapeno double was greasy and just ok. Chicken tenders were decent as well. Grilled chicken and california style burger were fine. Crispy chicken was probably the favorite of the group. Would probably pass next time and opt for a fast food chain.

RC Strain

Great burger! Haven't been to a Freddy's for about 5 years and it was just as good as I remember.One ideal for the R&D kitchen.... you should try to have a jalapeño cheese sauce. Would be excellent on hot dogs, your fries and chili cheese options ?

Sebastian C.

We wanted to try something new rather than Burger King or Taco Bell so we went to Freddy's drive thru. There were a few cars when I got in line, but we waited for 30 minutes!!! O at one point, I wanted to get the heck out of that line but I was sandwhiched between cars and there was no way out. It seems as though they neglect their drive thru customers. We ordered the double jalapeño pepper jack burger and their classic double cheeseburger. They were fine, but NOT WORTH THE COST (It cost us $12 and some change). We could have ordered 4 rodeo burgers at Burger King at a third of the cost and in a quarter of the time we waited at Freddy's. Won't be coming back

Lacy Z

Great burgers. Tried their veggie burger today. It was actually really good. Better than most places. The onion rings are always ???????

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

4855 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 926-1040