HuHot Mongolian Grill

3521 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 829-8888

Recent Reviews

King BHawk

Very cool place for a night out with friends or family. Food is good with plenty of options from meat to vegetables. Place seemed to be run down in some areas. Bowls to grab food in are very small. Staff are friendly and on top of things.

Chris Young-Greer

Loved the variety of choices available to customize your meal. Lots of healthy choices and a variety for those that are vegetarian. The establishment is clean and well maintained.

Bob S.

Food was good. Service was slow. It was clean, and they tried to have a system to keep things as clean as they could. While the system may not have worked, it was a better attempt than many other places.

Judy Andrews

Great service ice. They were short staffed however they staff worked hard at pleasing everyone

H S.

Wow! We had an excellent dinner at HuHot this evening. We are out-of-towners and this has been a highlight of our trip. Our server was friendly and prompt. We opted for the "build your own" bowls and enjoyed food prepared on the grill in front of us. The bowls included unlimited refills, which was excellent for us hungry travelers. Our dishes and utensils were clean, and I really appreciated customers were all provided gloves for use at the ingredient bar. I admired how hard the fry cooks were working and appreciated the tricks they performed. To top it all off, our meal was very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend this restaurant! Update: we stopped by again for lunch! Another excellent experience. Absolutely top-notch service and food! Thanks so much! A+++

Katy Ferguson

Love the way you choose your own ingredients and watching the cooks do their thing and show off their skills. But the whole no takeout boxes......lame.


Very nice staff and cooks were fun. Food/seasonings were not kept stocked without asking and meat seemed room temperature at best. Plaques for food and spices were unreadable through uncleaned glass cover. Not as fresh and convenient as others I have been too. Food tasted fine though.

Jessica H.

Nope nope nope. All the meat looked nasty there was food all over the floor. The people working the grill didn't care about if the food was cooked all the way.. the tables were a sticky mess..It was hotter in there then it was outside. I still don't feel good. I bet I got food poisoning. Don't EVER go there. Just wow people. Covid hit most of us hard but come on.

Kt Hintz

ate there for dinner tonight. zach the grill guy was phenomenal! so friendly and remembered me and my preferences (i usually get to go orders). he remembered im vegetarian and used different spatulas even. appreciate you zach.

406 Brown

Really good food nice waiting staff I like to go when it's not busy though...

Stephanie Haines

I went for dinner with my friends two kids and our waitress was amazing! She was knowledgeable, well spoken and kind! Always smiled with us! Food was good but the cooks were very mundane and one of them had what looked like animal hair from home all over his shirt? but we still enjoyed ourselves

Notice Me Productions

Food was great. I always love experimenting with food and flavors. Service was lacking slightly, and wait time for food was roughly 30 minutes for first trip. 2nd trip would have taken 45 minutes according to wait staff so we dipped. 3/5 will bang again in probably 6-8 months.

Carolyn Koefod

So so good! No criticisms I can think of. Absolutely loved it.

Christopher Ryan Poll

It's Hu Hot. What else is there to say!? Nomnomnom?

Jessica Horodyski

We love coming here with our family but this experience was not so good watching them not clean the grill and constantly putting others food on the unclean surface is gross… I can’t have some foods with mine so I don’t appreciate this

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