Koh Chang Thai Restaurant

3075 N Reserve St suite k, Missoula
(406) 830-3451

Recent Reviews

Cassie Stone

The best service and amazing food! I'd skip the broth soup next time, but we loved our dishes and the level 4 was plenty hot for our Texas heat loving tastebuds! Look forward to our next visit!

Ananthram EL

Had a great experience here, very friendly staff and pleasant vibes. Food was yummy.

Jennifer Greenwood

Delicious food! I had the massaman curry. It was different than I've had other places but super good! The fresh shrimp rolls are also very good, as well as the sauce that goes with them Attentive service. The restaurant itself seems a bit disorganized but it could be related to Covid restrictions... I'm not sure. For instance, one booth is being used for someone who is in management (paperwork around the table) and another section is used for table setting items. So, it doesn't look tidy. But not a big deal in my opinion. The food feels authentic and it seems busy and lively. We'll definitely be back.

Zachery C.

We are from out of town and there weren't good Yelp reviews for a lot of places, but we ended up stopping here. The front end of the restaurant had some strange characters. The beef broth left me wanting, it was literally just broth with like 3 green onion pieces. The entrees were delicious and made up for all the other areas that this place fell short. Side note: the spice level seemed not to be standardized. The 4 I had was less spicy than the 5 at the table, but the 7 was less spicy than that same 5.

Carolyn S.

This place is an hidden gem. My green curry was delicious and my husband's ginger something (heaven?) was amazing. Next time I might tone it down from asking for increased heat of 5 to a 4 - it builds. My husband added to a heat of 3 and thought he could go higher, but they do bring additional spice to the table when requested. Their other items look interesting, but I love a good green curry, and I got probably the best I've ever tried. Definitely equal to my first, which was heavenly. We both upgraded to fried rice, rather than steamed, which was also very good. Definitely will be going back.

Amanda E.

I travel a lot and have had my share of good and bad. The pad Thai wasn't truly authentic but it was still very tasty. The crab Rangoon's were SUPER YUMMY, I could have eaten 2 orders of those!

Tracee C.

We are from out of town and we're super tired of me cooking RV meals for the last 2 weeks!! Hands down the best green curry I have ever eaten. I have been to Thailand and my dear food truck owner friend would have loved this food. My son had the pad Thai , and my toddler had edamame with fried rice. My husband had noodle soup and the broth was amazing!! It's a hole in the wall location, with super friendly staff and great food!!!

P. Freston

Just had 2 excellent lunches: mine was Love Basil, better half had Thai Peanut. Both excellent! Great service, perfect quantity, reasonable price. Don't go above 6 unless you really, really, REALLY like it hot! We will definitely go back!

Aom Chandler

Great food, helpful and friendly staff! Definitely going back


We decided to go just for a quick bite and it did not disappoint, 10 out of 10 would recommend if you're into Tai food and/or the culture(Honestly if you're into any kind food you should definitely go!) The host was super friendly and the food was AMAZING! Even though it was busy the service was smooth and we were not rushed at all. To the restaurant owners I would like to say you're doing an awesome job(especially with the interesting time we live in) and keep up the great service!

Candace R.

So happy to find this place. Too many times Asian cuisine is Americanized and covered in a sugary sauce. I was so relieved to finally find a place without all the added sugar! The sauces have a bit of sweet without being overwhelming. The food is fresh and tastes how you hoped it would. Our son had the pineapple fried rice, but I forgot to take a pic. It was great though. It's pretty spendy, but well worth the experience. We will be back for sure!

rose samson

Tom yum soup and Shrimp Pad Thai were so good! Worth the money!

Austin W

Pad Thai was delicious. Highly recommend! Light, spicy. Just what I wanted

Maren B.

I've been fortunate to live in a heavily populated Asian-American community that has given me the opportunity to eat amazing authentic dishes. I was skeptical, yet optimistic to try this place and was pleasantly surprised by the Pad See Ew. It had that rich dark soy sauce flavor that you expect from this dish and great egg to noodle ratio. :) They put carrot and snap peas in with the brocolli which wasn't my favorite but it was still tasty. My only two "cons" were: 1. The complimentary soup they give you was sweet. I'm guessing it may be the pho broth? It just wasn't enjoyable and I would kindly decline at future visits. 2. The price. I honestly don't think I've ever paid that much for this dish, even at a $$ restaurant. Looking forward to trying different dishes...and maybe the thai iced tea!

Bruno P.

This was an awesome place! All we order was great from appetizers to meal! We will definitely come back! Yes

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