Missoula Club

139 W Main St, Missoula
(406) 728-3740

Recent Reviews

Josh Moore

dive bar burgers that are amazing! If your a Karen don't even waste your time.

Darnell Kebo

7/22/21: Small dive bar. Good burgers, cold beer, cheap. My kind of place. My own personal gripes that they use styrofoam and don't compost.

Charles Wallace

A Missoula institution since the beginning of time I think. It has been for me since 1970. A walk through history and a throw back in time. Fond memories and new fun when I visit.

abdaly rodarte

If your from the south the food is very waffle house like, which is the reason for the high rating. Bar attracts the college crowd, basic drinks are good, only downside was it felt cramped when there was more than 10 people inside

Austin C.

The place is awesome but Maddy is the worst bartender of all time. She deserved to be fired immediately. I have never received worse service. If she is there I suggest you leave immediately.

Chris K.

Was told a takeout order would be ready in 8 minutes and it took 30. Workers seemed more interested in fist bumping their bros and dancing with friends than filling orders. Burger is overrated...dry patty. This is definitely a locals place. I'm sure the burger tastes great after a night of drinking.

Matt W.

Great burgers, good prices and friendly staff. What more could you ask. Iconic in Missoula.

Elizabeth M.

Highly recommend. We had passed thru several years ago on a prior visit out this way and recalled how cool The Missoula Club was. Relaxed vibe and friendly staff. The cheeseburger and draft beer did not disappoint. Wish we had a place like this back home in MA!

Alan Clark

Horseradish cheese and horseradish mustard, come on man!! Awesome!!

Brian F.

Cash only As I continue my road trip I'm going to all the burger places that George Motz has in his book "Hamburger America". The one burger joint in Montana that's still open (RIP Matt's Place)? Missoula Club. When you walk in there is a bar area on the right where you order. On the left there are tables and some arcade games. Overall it's just like your typical dive bar that has cheap drinks like $3 wells. The menu is simple: how many patties and what kind of cheese. The griz is a triple patty with double cheese (or extra cheese, I can't remember). I ordered the double with horseradish cheese ($7). It was good but a bit dry. The pickles helped with that but I also didn't get onions even though I asked for everything. There wasn't as much cheese as I would've liked but the horseradish cheese was good. You can tell by the old stove and the old-school vibe that this place has been here for a long time and it looks like it's here to stay.

Bob Schoenfeld

Sociable friendly college kid tending bar and taking orders, deserved every bit of our tip! Burgers were good not great, limited side options aka only chips, but a can't - miss historic spot and a great place to grab a drink.

Todd I.

I used to come here as an irony bro, but the reality is that the charcuterie platter is to die for. So if you're looking for something Michelin starred, a real 'what the French call "I don't know what,"' then remember this is Montana, dance with the one who brung ya, and order a fricking burger, eh??

Luz Money

Burger is awesome! Wish that the gentleman cooking the food was using gloves and utensils to manage the buns, onions, and pickles. Sanitation was out the door as I never observed him wash his hands after managing money, using his phone, plopping bacon on the grill...wait he used the bottom of his shirt as the napkin. Don't get me wrong as mentioned Burger is awesome but the dude was grumpy unless you were a regular.

Matthew Latza

Fun bartenders. Good beer. Average burger, but they cook them on a flat top at the bar which is cool! Burgers come with raw onion (hint: get it grilled) and pickle. Looks like a local place but not sure since I was there on a Thursday early afternoon.

Harley Phillips

Shane and Dallas were excellent bartenders. The beer was good and cold!!?

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