Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

4750 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 926-1096

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Apparently the workers choose to close whenever they like business was closed an hour before posted times

Dennis Godfrey

Total chaos. Waited over 30 minutes for our order. They served 5 cars after us. The other 2 waiting cars got their orders before we did. Nothing but excuses. Fist and last time I'll ever go there.

Steven Porter

Popeyes serves pretty good fast food chicken. It's quick, fast and cheap. The chicken was crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside. I'd rate it better then the Colonel, but not as good as a sit down restaurant.

Avihai Saadi

Kind staff and great food quality.Really surprised me how much i enjoyed the short transaction of a fast food restaurant

Patrick Phillips

My first visit to Popeye's was good. I didn't know what to order and the person taking orders helped me out in getting the "full Popeye's experience". The redbeans and rice were awesome as were the rolls. I wasn't super impressed with the chicken but it might have been freshly made. It tasted about like KFC. I would totally eat there again but I'll order twice as much red beans and rice next time.

Kya-Rae Arthur

I went to Popeyes it was right around 10 pm. I ordered a 3 piece meal with Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes with a grape Powerade. I also ordered a spicy chicken sandwich meal with Mac n cheese and a frozen strawberry lemonade. I paid and the young girl handed us our drinks. She handed me a regular lemonade and I tried to hand it back informing her I ordered a frozen strawberry lemonade. She rudely said well I can’t take that back and just walked off. I waited and she returned with a frozen strawberry lemonade and again walked off with out saying anything. About a minute later a male came and handed us our food. The twins were fussing so we just left to get home right away. On the way home going up evaro I pulled out my sandwich and saw it was written all over

Renee Camel

Do you condone an employee in the Missoula restaurant writing this on a native woman’s sandwich bag???? I demand something to be done!!

Ozz Erman

I’ve been here 3 times in the last two months. First time I got told by two employees smoking a joint on the hood of there car parked in the drive threw “we’re out of chicken”. Second time I sat in the drive threw for 30 mins only to be told at the window that the card reader is down, I return with cash only to have them give me the wrong order.. Today the third time, I order some tenders with red beans and rice and ranch. I got tenders (wrong size) with fries and sweet and spicy sauce?

Isaiah Hausman

The workers are amazing an very kind as well as funny the food is great and they are fast even during rush hour

melody Lover

The staff was very friendly and nice they are understaffed so the dining room isn't open.. drive thru only.. but chicken was hot and fresh not dry.. so have to say they are doing great..

Wendy Jasso

The first and last time I will ever try a Popeyes. Smh....Didnt know my order when I got to the window..didnt have any ice for the drinks, the sandwich itself didnt have much flavor and was overloaded with mayo. For the price of the food I thought it would be good. The server at the window didnt act like she even wanted to be there. I looked at the manager and he wasn't much better. Shirt untucked and he was looking like he didnt know what was going on either. I wont be back to this place for the ..service,treatment we got ,prices and thefood .

Sherryl Smyly

The fried chicken doesn't have taste to it.even my 7 year old and 9 year old said that the chicken is very blend. I think they forgot to season them.and they missed my macaroni and cheese, so we had to come back for it

Chuck S.

Wondered why this location has so few stars. Now I know. Advertised to open at 1030am (7/24). Got there at 1130 and was told by a person at the drive through window that they would open in 15 minutes or so. No explanation. I live in a city without a Popeyes but have visited them throughout the U.S. When I get to a city with Popeyes, I take advantage of their great chicken. Came back at 1210 and waited in the line for 20 minutes just to order. Ten minutes later I got to the window and received my food. Since the inside was closed, I had to eat my chicken in their parking lot. The chicken skin was very dark and the chicken was OVERCOOKED!! So dry, I had to discard most of it. Thank goodness for the mashed potatoes and gravy: always good!! Normally I would have taken it up to the counter, but who is going to wait another 30 minutes!!

Mitzi Newland

Drive thru only with no signs posted and our order was wrong. Food was ok, though. About what you'd expect.

Rhory P.

If zero stars was an option. Waited in line at the drive through after working all day. I even took reserve at rush hour but they wouldn't serve me because I wasn't doing a delivery.

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