Ruby's Cafe

2101 Regent St, Missoula
(406) 728-9890

Recent Reviews

Michael Tallman

Food was great I mean really good food and the service was better. We came in with 20 people they seated us immediately… got it in and out in a timely courteous fashion:)

James Baughman

My daughter also agrees - 5 star for breakfast! Good food.

Rusty Miller

awesome place to eat.a must when you come to town

Annie Howell Oswald

Great rhubarb pie! And friendly service.

Jim Adolph

We like cafes. With that said, Ruby’s was a pleasure to eat breakfast at this morning. Server (s) were all local people with fun attitudes. Food was good or better. Portions were large but also good. I had a skillet with a pancake side. Pancake was soft and good. Everything in the skillet blended together well. Sometime the green peppers overshadow the rest of the ingredients but not here. Very happy, jim

Jonathan Shoemaker

The food is always great, but a star is lost due to the annoying surcharge for electronic payment. In 1991, such was understandable, but this is 2021, and epay is the norm, not the exception. We shouldn't be footing the bill, subsidizing you for what is, now, just a cost of doing business...

Corene F.

This place is a hit or miss. Sometimes things are great and sometimes like today they were so so. The biscuit for the biscuit and gravy was really tough. Not flakey at all. The cinnamon roll had great flavor, not overly sweet, but super tough. Food came out in decent time. We were given our check and I waited over 15minutes before I got up to pay. We waited patiently, stacked everything, and chatted with another table. I get they get busy but when you pass by your table it's a real quick grab and go kind of thing. The staff is super friendly and nice. We still come back as it's a pretty toddler friendly place and not every time we go is everything dried out.

Gina T.

What a great find! Delicious lil’ local diner that has friendly staff, plenty of options and is easy on your wallet. Loved meeting a few locals as well.

Darcy Williams

They have very good food I got a Denver omelette. The service is good and everything on the menu looks absolutely delicious,

Will Windham

Overpriced and understaffed. The food quality doesn’t reflect the price. I was charged and SVC fee for using my card? Come on now.If you can get there at 6am, the service will be better.

Brittany Martin

This place was AMAZING! Great food, friendly atmosphere, awesome wait staff!! I highly recommend this place!

Jeremiah Garcia

Excellent food! Great service. The more involved meals were flawlessly executed but the pancakes were a tad underdone. I'm sure it was a fluke seeing as the quality control on everything else seemed par for the course. Would definitely go again!

Roman Titus

Amazing food and service. I am very satisfied with our experience good local waiters and waitresses who are very knowledgeable about local attractions and things to see. If you are driving through or staying in Missoula I highly recommend Ruby’s Cafe!

Patty Phillips

Wonderful Mom and Pop cafe serving delicious homemade food. Super friendly employees. Absolutely recommend ?!!

Tim Love

The place was packed. They got us a table ASAP, the staff was courteous and they all hustled, from the cooks to the bus boys. The food was outstanding. Big portions, my girlfriend and I split an omelette and we were both full. I can’t wait to return. Great place to eat.

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