Stage 112

112 N Pattee St, Missoula
(406) 207-7097

Recent Reviews

Saxon Holbrook

Love this space. Perfect for the film festival.

James Bamfield

Not a bed venue!

Cody Custis

Not sure if Stage 112 is still booking concerts. Saw some good ones back in the day, although the bands tend to come on way too late. Sad to see the venue decline, because it used to have some great random shows. Hopefully, they'll get the booking back up and provide an alternative to other, difficult to book, Missoula venues.

Jacinda Lovely

It's a decent venue that books a variety of acts, but the bathrooms could be updated.

Kelly Camel

Hi how are you do I need eat bar

TTFN Pesya

It's a decent venue that books a variety of acts, but the bathrooms could be updated.


What can I say

Maxwell Briggs

The bartender took my money then didn't give me my change then said she did. So I am out some money, and another bartender was asked for shots of silver tequila and instead gave us patron which is way more expensive... I don't understand why the service was so sub par

Jason Wilhelm

Stage 112 is an awesome venue. Great sound, friendly staff, and a listing of many good acts. Would highly recommend a show here!

Ricci Paje

Completely friendly, affordable drinks, and I desire to return!!

Ryan Jellesed

Check out a show

Ron Petersen III

This place rocks!!! Lots of potential. I've seen many shows here before. Pool tables, big bar, freedom to come in and out, all age shows, etc. I've always been happy at Stage 112!

Melissa Clark

One of my favorite venues. Live shows featuring diverse genres of music. Fun ongoing events like open mic, comedy nights, movies nights etc. Plus there are great drink specials and the bartenders are QTs

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