The Camino

105 N Pattee St, Missoula
(406) 317-1260

Recent Reviews

Katrina Lucier

This place has the best Mexican food AND drinks! The owner worked with chefs in Mexico to perfect their flavors, and you can taste it! I have not been able to attend their brunch yet, but it is top dining out priority! This is a wonderful place to meet up with friends or go to on a date night.

Chris Hemmah

Super tasty! Loved the fresh take on Mexican. Their quesadilla is like no other.

Daniel Sima

I guess I’m more surprised a restaurant like this is in Missoula. Don’t get me wrong the food tastes really good and the service is great. But the portions are ridiculously small. I spent $26 and left pretty much as hungry as when I came. This Tuna tostada (pictured) was $15. $15. If I was in Manhattan I’d expect that. But Missoula? Again I can’t give a low review because for what it is it was really good but if I knew the portions were sooo small I would’ve went elsewhere. I didn’t even bother ordering another taco or 2 because I’d still be hungry lol. If you’re fine with dropping $50 just on the food to be full then this is a great spot! I should’ve went elsewhere.

Ashley Boshea

my friend and I both asked the waitress and put it in the reservation notes that our dinner was for a birthday. My friend also asked the waitress to please bring out a birthday dessert at the end of dinner and the waitress told her that she definitely would. At the end of dinner the waitress went right up to the person whose birthday it was and asked if we would like any dessert this evening and never mentioned the birthday again or brought out dessert. The waitress was very cold and barely came to our table the entire dinner.

Cindy Cullum

Such an incredible menu and whether date night or girls night..... Never disappoints! The craft cocktails are on point and the food delicioso ???

Darnell Kebo

2/27/22: Dropped in for a quite bite. Ordered the frijoles con huevos. Delicious flavor. Loved the corn tortillas.

Karen Alley

Great house margarita, excellent street tacos. I had the Carne Asada tacos and the meat was perfectly tender and the balance of flavors phenomenal. Highly recommend stopping here for a bite. Reservations recommended. I walked in at 515 and was able to snag a table but that seemed to be unusual.

Kyler Zundel

I have to commend the chefs here. The effort they put in to make each dish look like it's worth the prices they are charging is pure evil genius. Because as soon as that taco hits your mouth, the jig is up, and you know you have just been screwed out of $8. The atmosphere also plays its part in convincing you that your taste buds are lying, but you know the truth. The staff has a too-cool-for-school attitude (probably because that was the literal case). Seeing amateur restaurant owners charge locals as if God himself created their restaurant and its food will genuinely lend a laugh to anyone that sympathizes with the devil.

Charlie Whiton

Excellent dinner with this Latin inspired tapas -ish restaurant. Had a variety of their tacos which were all excellent, although fairly small. The full of unique flavors. Also had their appetizer which was shrimp in a black sauce, excellent flavor although incredibly hot. Hot. They're guacamole and chips were excellent which helped put the fire out. Bartender did a craft sangria and michelada for me. Both were very tasty and we highly recommend going back!

William Zheng

Food was mediocre at best and my party did not enjoy what they ordered and the portions are outrageously small for the prices. All I can say is food came out fast but not worth your time stay away I definitely won’t be coming back! Ended up going over to Bridge Pizza because my $15 Tostada De Atun was not enough!

Jesse P

Tacos are incredible. One appetizer in particular is "queso fundido". So good it should be illegal. We were there last night in the middle of a snowstorm and it was packed. Reservations encouraged to be made online, and I encourage you to do that, as walk-ins are tough in the evening and bar was packed. Great service. 5 STARS!


Skip it. Freezing cold at table so food got cold. Dried out meat nothing special. Guac was good. Very disappointed.

Michael Higgins

This is the premier Missoula Tequila bar. I came in for Taaaaccccoooo Tuesday after having dined at The Camino before, and was again wowed by the hand made tortillas, the Carne Asada and Al Pastor tacos, the delicious Crema dessert, and magical queso and guacamole with fresh made chips.The key to the success of this place is the freshness of the products. I've been here 5 times or so, and have never had anything that wasn't extremely fresh made. Finding homemade corn tortillas in Montana anywhere is hard, as well as slow roasted meats and vegetables that complement the meal. This place mixes class and relaxing atmosphere perfectly. I'm thankful it exists.In short, if you want delicious tacos and Hispanic fare, quality tequila (including the exclusive Don Julio Montana Cask), and great service this is always a quality place to go. Be sure to book a reservation ahead of time. Thank you The Camino!


Honestly some of the best tacos i have ever had. Definitely the best tacos in Missoula. You have got to try the mushroom taco and it doesn't matter if your vegetarian or non vegetarian. Its just too dang good! It is a little pricey so it may not be your weekly spot but it worth a visit.

Cameron Decker

Just didn’t meet expectations. Looked like a great place. I ordered the tostada de atun and it was flavorless and overpriced. The 9$ guacamole was also flavorless. The atmosphere was exciting and the prices made me think it would be delicious. If I was coming in for salty chips and a beer then I might enjoy myself, but will have to keep searching for a new date night spot.

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