The Notorious P.I.G. BBQ

247 W Front St, Missoula
(406) 926-1344

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We were driving by as a Missoula on the road from a family trip and this place had the best bbq in the west. It was so good! My kids want to go back if we drive through again.

Ken Wickman

My son made a comment tonight that sums this place up. There is nothing on the menu that isn't great. Throw a dart at the board and come away satisfied, wherever it hits. Another bonus is the general mood of the employees. They are genuinely having fun, which makes this place even better.

Nathan Pollaehne

Best BBQ I have had in a long time. Get there early the best stuff runs out fast!

Katherine Ward

Amazing bbq. Can't wait to share with my family the next time they come to town.

sandy lowe

Very good! I want too hungry; got the small sandwich that was big, but just right. Mac and cheese was very creamy. One person liked the trip til, another the pork.


I mean that literally. The servings are very large. The food is very authentic. The service is exceptional. And, yes, there is service in this order-at-the-counter establishment. Above all, it is the one place that captures the Missoula vibe, whatever that is. It is authentic, cool, efficient, very good at what it does, and quirky/cool, like the town itself. And, did I mention the portions? My wife and I ordered a brisket and a pulled pork. They filled us for dinner. And we ate them for lunch on two subsequent days. Wild!

Brian P.

Not sure where all these good reviews are from. Famous Daves is better for the items we got. We had the brisket sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich. The brisket was ok, still pretty dry and chewy. The pulled pork on the other hand was drier than a desert. So dry, my daughter wouldn't even eat it. Come on, how hard is it to make pulled pork and keep it moist? And then to top it all off, i got a summer honey and the server pulled it from the case and its luke warm. I mean really....non-ice cold beer on top of it? Will never be back here for sure.

Maurice W.

Had some of the best bbq I've ever had from this spot. We ordered a combo and were able to pick 4 meats and 4 sides. For our four meats, we did the burnt ends, tri-tip, brisket, and ribs. For sides, we did fried pork skins, collard greens, Mac and cheese, and baked beans. First off, the meat was excellent. Everything was super juicy, smoky, and flavorful. By far our favorite was the Burnt Ends, which had the perfect ratio of fat and meat. It was incredibly tender and melted in our mouth. The other meats were also fantastic with great seasoning and perfectly cooked. There were also a bunch of bbq sauces available at the tables, covering a full range of tangy and sweet. Sides were all pretty good as well, although the true star is the meats by far. We also got a chance to chat with Burke and some of the staff since we came at a slower time around 3pm; everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful!

Sean Loftus

The Bbq here is exceptional! The collard greens were superb, delicate, al detente, delicious. The brisket sandwich and the burnt ends were excellent. The burnt ends had a delicious molasses Carmel flavor you only get from truly great BBQ. The pulled pork was moist flavorful and tender. The BBQ beans were smoky creamy and wonderful. Everything thing we ate was perfect with generous portions

Charlie Whiton

BBQ here was wonderful, not over cooked leaning toward an Austin style (I think). Generous portions, I had ribs and pulled pork, I was super full. Vinegar based slaw vs mayo, yum. Service was friendly and fast. Only ding would be the styrofoam containers ?.

Ben L.

Delicious food, friendly and cute staff. Also cool merchandise and good puns. Biggie or Smalls? Amazeballs. Those sauces are delicious too.

Todd I.

This is a great barbecue place, celebrating North Carolina (vinegar), South Carolina (mustard), and Texas (actual BBQ LOL) sauces. The only problem is that the employees will ask you how you're doing every 15 seconds or so. It doesn't matter if it's busy or not, be prepared to explain that waiting in line and ordering is not foreign to you, that you know how a menu works, and that you know how to move a fork to your lips. And since I'm checking my privilege, I just want to add that I also know how to wee wee all by myself now. To be fair, this didn't come up, because I didn't use the bathroom. But why not offer a little assistance, huh? HUH? In some cultures, it's simply common courtesy. I was told that management insists the employees check customers for a pulse at every stage of the ordering process (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). So as soon as they discover the right deprogramming therapy to rescue these employees, I'll be back fosho. (Also, I never get there early enough to try their Compton.)

Eric V.

Stopped by the Notorious PIG last month after arriving from LA and was looking for a good hot meal to soothe the pain of travel. The The Notorious PIG delivered. I could smell the glorious smoke from the parking lot and upon walking in the smell of bbq takes over your senses. I had the half rack and brisket with a side of Mac n cheese. The rack was tender and fell of the bone with the right amount amount of smoke. The brisket was delicious, tender and, warm. The Mac and cheese... was good warm but was great as cold leftovers that evening. The house bbq sauces were the real winner. Try them all, find your fav- mix 'em.

Garrett McGowan

Ermegherd! I've never had such smoky, juicy pulled pork. The ribs were also perfectly smoked and had fantastic flavor. The side of baked beans included chunks of pulled pork as well, making for a very happy experience.

Nathan Lamb

I never thought I’d see the day when my favorite BBQ place (Fox Bros in Atlanta) was surpassed. The brisket was perfect. Everything had so much depth of flavor. Nothing was too salty. I barely touched the sauces. The natural flavors really shone.

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