Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

901 Criswell Dr, Greenville
(252) 321-1002

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Angela Durkin

The food was amazing! I had salmon, broccoli cheese casserole and a loaded potato. My boyfriend got a large steak and mashed potatoes. Both dishes were very delicious. The service was horrible! The hostess didn't greet us-my bf said table 4 two :( our very young server comes over we ordered sweet teas, she comes back 4 our appetizers-she ran off before I could say what I wanted! Food took a bit longer than expected. My bf asked 4 A1, she brings a completely EMPTY bottle! I pressed the call 4 your server light on at least 6 mins-i finally yelled across the dining area 2 the hostess (mind you several servers and two busboys made eye contact with me during the wait) finally our server comes the time we were done, then she wants to be nice-do u need a Togo box? Would u like a Togo tea-do you need a bag 4 your box???? No tip for you-never going back again!

Steven Hardy

If I could give you 0 stars I would. We went to your restaurant at 1;45. We was sorted immediately. Then we waited and waited and waited. No one came to take our order. But as we are sitting there 3 employees walked by too busy talking to be bothered by us. So we left.


I had not been to a Cheddars in several years, since it had become my go to restaurant while working in Indiana for a few months. I was disappointed by the experience in Greenville. The food was ok. Not great, not terrible. The ribs and chicken tenders were a overdone and dry. The place itself was a little shabby with some rips in the booth seating.

Lisa Green

The best dining experience I've had in a while there were no screaming children nor children up running and playing. The food was good it could have been hotter because the cheese never did melt on my baked potato and the sauce on my ribs was a little sweet. The staff was very friendly. Thanks for a great experience.


All In All, a Great Dinner With The Family Here. My Wife's Steak Was Way Overcooked, After Being Ordered Medium, But The Manager Fixed It Immediately, And He Also Took Her Complete Meal Off Of The Check. Also I Think They Might Be a Bit Understaffed. Our Waitress Was Also Helping Bartend, So We Had To Wait a Bit Longer Than Usual For Our Food, etc. But Honestly, The Environment In General, The Customer Friendly Service, And The Fact That The Manager Took Care Of a Big Issue Promptly And Professionally Is The Reason I Didn't Deduct Any Stars. The Food Was Also Great. We Will Definitely Return Here Again.

Ann A.

The perfect restaurant for everyone, but especially families and seniors! No tv, music at a level that encourages talking! Large portions and a wonderful waitress! We'll be back soon!

Bobby Hoggard

The menu items aren't the most impressive, but everything I've ever got from here has been amazing. Last night, I tried the T-bone, which was recently added to the menu and I was amazed... it was much better than the ones I've gotten from steakhouses recently. Very flavorful, tender, and cooked to perfection. And the salad I got with it was very fresh, and great! Excellent experience!

Hannah Singletary

Cheddar's has become one of my favorite restaurants. I absolutely love their bourbon glazed salmon! You can get it grilled, blackened or bourbon-glazed. It comes with rice, and you can also get 2 additional sides. Their red beans & rice and green beans are tasty sides and have good flavor. To top it off, we got the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae. Overall, everything was delicious!!

Racheal Rogers

I love the potato bacon soup! I also enjoy the great service and the BEAUTIFUL environment!! Awesome place

Hajee M.

Alright so I walk in tell the Hostess two people, she tells me it's gonna be about a 30-40min wait. Ok, no problem.. Give her my number and walk out. I went to Pet Supplies and after that just sat and waited in my car. About 50min pass and still no text. So I called, gave them my last name and asked how much longer for the wait and the lady said they called but didn't get a response. I said well she must've wrote down the wrong number... before I can even finish saying the word "number" the "hostess" cuts me off with a smart ass tone asking what was the number?! I told her and she says we called and nobody answered. I said you know what.... *hangs up the phone on their asses* Because first of all, why you getting on the phone with an attitude?? I almost cussed her thin lip ass out but I just hung up. I even doubled back around the parking lot because I was gonna show them my call log in which I just had a phone call from the time I checked in, so I know it wasn't MY phone or service. But my friend talked me outta going back in there. I've seen other reviews about this same situation happening and everybody not telling the same lie. DO NOT GO TO CHEDDARS IN GREENVILLE, NC unless you want trash ass service from the hostess

Charlotte Sasser

Very attentive and friendly waiter. Grilled chicken ? and pecan salad ? was delicious, husband wanted coconut shrimp ? but they were out...(we were there @ 4:30!? )


We really enjoyed getting their meals during COVID. We had eaten many times before here, but that's when we really enjoyed it!

Ricco N.

Nothing to update with my last visit... The service still sucks all the new damned....Unbelievable, really, Unbelievable....I guess there's a reason why other places have 2hrs or more wait times and this place has .5 to 1hr wait.... No refills, no napkins, missing foods, Missing foods turns into we're out.

Rashad W.

The hostess and her corny jokes crossed our name off the waiting list because she wants to assume stuff and had no facts to back her up.. so she lied to us about sending the text to let us know our table was ready I've never had any issues with receiving text from cheddars in any location, but tonight she had the wrong people to mess with.. then she tries to check her phone when I act like I'm not watching her.. yeah I saw her raggedy android as she tried to delete the text she never sent.. DON'T COME TO GREENVILLE NC CHEDDARS ON SUNDAY NIGHT.. P.S. I really wanted to put half star rating for the way they acting tonight..

Jennifer C.

The service was great I wish I could remember our servers name because he was amazing. The spinach dip never disappoints the times I have had it. My boyfriend really loved the Buffalo wraps.

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