Chili's Grill & Bar

3050 Evans St, Greenville
(252) 355-7449

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Beveridge Norris

great service .clean restaurant

myria lucas

Placed a doordash order tonight it it went south and door dash was not helping at all. I went up to the store and the manager took care of me very well.. i didnt get her name but she was wonderful handling a cranky pregnant lady... thank you if you see this

Spencer P.

Oh boy! What can I say that is positive after a cockroach climbs up onto your table right after you start eating your entree? Really this bad review is my fault because I missed the other reviews saying the place is infested with cockroaches! But seriously guys, it may be time to set off some atomic roach bombs and bring the MIB in for containment before they steal the galaxy!

Shandra Hardy

Wow server was nice but continued to wipe sweat around his nose and face with his hands with the neck of his t shirt. Utterly disgusting while taking our order and bringing our food. Also our table area was not clean. I really should've left or spoken to the manager but it was all I could do to eat my food. Will not repeat a visit at THAT location. Clearly a training opportunity for the staff!

Joanne P.

Just left.. saw a cockroach on my table as the food was delivered. Very dirty! Unfortunately they lost a lot of business tonight because I killed that sucker with my flip flop and screamed cockroach!!!

Ray Parker Jr.

understaffed and rude bartenders that gets upset. we tipped him well regardless bc he thought we was black we weren't going to tip!


Good food, good prices and our waitress was good. I would definitely go back and I would recommend them to others

Isaiah Gorham

Service was terrible, waited 20 minutes for my drink order, forgot to give us a menu and caught an attitude when we ask for one. Food tasted spoiled and sour and made all 4 of us throw up!

Brian Alphin

Worst restaurant in Greenville!!!I've come to eat at the restaurant on three different occasions and had a wait of over 30 minutes.Half of the restaurant sits empty...

Alecia E.

We came here for a family dinner. Called and made reservations ahead of time gave them the time and the amount of people in our party. So we get there for our reservation to be told they can not accommodate our party due to lack of workers. We were a party of 14 if the service was slower than usual I would've accepted that than turning us away and then walking up with an attitude. The manager came up with the worst attitude about the situation. we ended up having to wait 2 hours at another restaurant and didn't eat until 10pm and every child we had was 5 and younger and were extremely cranky by that time. I will never eat at this establishment again until they find new help and managers with better experience or customer service. A nice family event for a birthday turned into hours waiting for somewhere to eat on a Friday Night which is impossible without calling first.

Shirley Deans

We had one of the best waitress. It was a joy to the 3 of us to have her. She was friendly , outgoing and very helpful , especially the Presto Tablet.

Alyssa A.

I used to love Chili's. Loved it so much. Even with the poor sanitation rating and insight from a friend who knew an inspector who said there were roaches on the silverware. But, the southwest eggrolls and honey chipotle crispers call my name.. My last two times I went to Chili's they told me their was no seating, the wait time was ironically when they close. As I left, I looked around the restaurant and there was 2 couples there: one eating there meal and one paying there check. I addressed this to the waitress and asked but the answer stayed the same. On Yelp AND the chili's app, both said no wait. So, went back to my car and I thought I wonder if I could order TOGO. I watched the waitress walk over to the computer by the TOGO, go on the computer for 2 or so minutes, then look at my car several times. After she went on the computer, the TOGO orders closed. I will never return here again. The greeters alone, are absolutely terrible. The food is frozen and reheated, the only good thing is the 3 for $10. But, I would rather pay more for a local business who values customers rather than someone who would say at 9:45 (when they close at 11) that the wait time is an 50 minutes to an hour and that's the time they close. Business is not appreciated here. Staff doesn't care for their jobs. This place will be the next Applebees in Greenville. Shut down. For the lack of quality staffing and lack of cleanliness in the store.

Mike Miller

We love the fajitas at Chili's. The meal for two is a great deal. The food is always ready when we arrive. Can't beat Chili's for curbside delivery. Will be going back for sure, and hopefully will dine inside soon when things normalize.

Brian Lang

Sanitation Grade 86...too low. Short staffed. Waiter not trained but was pleasant and trying hard. Shrimp tacos were decent. Management problem.

Jami Bradley

Food was great but they were short staffed. But all the staff was very nice and they were making the best of the situation.

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