Kasturi Indian Cuisine

2205 W Arlington Blvd Suite B, Greenville
(252) 215-0215

Recent Reviews

Carol Cleary

Excellent food! Superb service!

Sha Z.

This is my favorite restaurant in Greenville, NC and I'd argue one of the best Indian restaurants I have been to. I started eating here in 2015 when I was training at the hospital. At that time I frequented the buffet which was the best lunch you could get with a price tag that could not be beat. I moved out of state in 2019 but frequently order door dash for loved ones in Greenville and always stop by whenever I am in Greenville. The kebab platter pictured below with chili naan or garlic naan and raita is my go to order and one that my boyfriend now orders weekly. The goat biryani and Kashmiri naan are also excellent! I have yet to be disappointed with any order. The staff are courteous and provide excellent service. They have daily drink specials. I recommend this restaurant highly!

Leigh Ann Muse

The staff was beyond excellent, service was top notch. Always love coming here!

Todd Raynor

Careful with you spice level choice. Hot is very hot ?

Bernadette P.

I order through Door Dash. A kabob platter, garlic naan, Somosa chat and chicken curry. All medium. The chicken curry stole the show. Spicy, hot, fragrant. The chicken was tender and fresh. I will order again!

Dima A.

Pre-Covid I was here at least once a week. I love ho simply it is just to pop in for a quick lunch break. The carrot halwa is my favorite!!!

Everything Ken X

Absolutely amazing food. Definitely my go to spot. The buffet is also a bonus ?

Luxx T.

I ordered over $50 worth of food. I ordered the curry chicken a chicken tikka masala and the shrimp tikka masala. All the bills were delicious but there was hardly any meat in them! For over $15 a dinner I think there should have been more meat inside of the bowl. For that kind of money it should've been overflowing! The portions suck here! This is nothing like the Taj Mahal in Raleigh but who wants to drive all the way to Raleigh just to get decent Indian food? Step your game up.

Jerome Nojima

Wonderful, amazing, flavorful cuisine. Loved it. Great atmosphere for a date night with my wife.

Frank Jones (Frank C Jones)

Great food, but they need to communicate better. There is a lunch special that is $10. However, it is not on the menu, not listed on their website, and I only learned about it when I asked about the lunch buffet they had before the pandemic. Unfortunately, I'm still not sure what is included with the lunch special. They brought out three dishes, rice, and naan. However, I did not learn that dessert was included until I was at the register to pay. It would be great to have the lunch special listed in the menu, on a sign, on the website, or in some other place where I could know what I ordered.I look forward to the normal lunch buffet returning so I know what I am ordering because I can see it on the buffet.

Yuka B.

Not bad for a dinky town in the middle of nowhere. Service was very good with polite, friendly waiters. I was hankering for Indian food after traveling from meat and potatoes country. This hit the spot. I prefer the aloo gobi to be drier as in Punjab but it still was good. The tandoori roti was nice and was perfect to mop up the curry in my plate

Rafeh Naqash

Overpriced, poor service, the waiters hardly say anything. The food quality isn't that great. I think their standards have gone down.

Tajhya Ansa

Best Indian cuisine I ever have. Quick serve and best quality. Thank you for your awesome hospitality.


Great place for vegans or vegetarians. Delicious papery thin flatbread served with my meal of dal makhani - spiced to perfection - and naan on the side. Definitely will go there again!

Eric Heath

Great food. I had the chili chicken last time. It was so good. The server was friendly. I've been here several times. I always look forward to trying something new here. The food is a nice price too.

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