2301 N Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 551-6130

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Jennifer Brown

Service is fast and friendly. Food is always hot. Ice cream machine is always working when I go. Definitely the only McDonald’s that sets their standards high (that I’ve visited and I’ve been to many). Will continue to spend my money here time and time again.

Pam Mercer

They were backed up. They gave us wrong food. Weren't going to give us one of our drinks. The one I wanted was messed up. Acted like it was my problem. Took a Ling time to get the food and were supposed to pay for food at 1st window but no one was there. .


This McDonalds has no pride in customer service. The young lady at the 2nd window appeared inpatient when she handed me my food. I ordered a McChicken with pickles. They gave me a pinch of lettuce, no mayo and 2 pickles. The worst!

Kendall Bass

I arrived at the store over one hour before the store was supposed to close. They made me sit there for 4 minutes until it hit 12am just to tell me they are closed but online it says they close at 1am.

Wendy Ortiz

Don’t know why they claim to be open until 12 AM and then no one will come to the intercom. The only McDonald’s nearby and had to travel across town just bc you have lazy employees getting a free check by killing 30 minutes before closing smh.

William Mitchell

The worse service ever, repeated my order four times, and they still got it wrong and the teenagers or young men and women thought it was funny when I asked for my money back. This particular McDonald's have a habit of not giving you your receipt, so you can't call and make a complaint. That why I don't go to this McDonald's anymore.

Judi Diamond Cummings Manager is sexually harassing underage employees

Leigh B

Just like any other McDonald's you go for the price not for the quality of the food or horrible customer service

Melanie Palkia

This place is known for spitting and doing other nasty things to customers food please be aware!

Cynthia Dunn

Haven't had Macdonald since the pandemic, decided to stop and get a double quarter pounder with cheese ? it was so greasy, but good. Fries were cooked too hard couldn't eat those.?

max love

This is a terrible McDonald's. The sprite with no ice taste like straight mildew like they never clean their faucets. The minute maid was out and I politely asked them to change it...they never did my entire visit. I asked the lady that brought our food for ketchup told her I'd walk with her she ignored me and went straight to the register to take another order while I had to get someone else to help me. The dining room had trash all over it. They brought my Mc rib to me literally half out of the box. I will not be returning

Dan Heath

There was something seriously suspect about my Mcdouble....I ordered it without pickles and it seemed like the staff was super annoyed by me doing so...anywho,short story long, about 30 minutes later I'm back at work and my stomach is doing back flips and I feel absolutely horrible! Cold sweats, anxiety, gas...unbelievable flatulence I must add...and nausea. I really feel like that sandwich preparation technician must have given me the special sauce from his McPickle that evening because he's extremely unhappy with himself and his life choices that have circumstantially led to his career as said sandwich preparation technician.My point you ask?Be careful folks! The struggle is undoubtedly real!!! ?✊?

nathan leigh

Just like any other McDonald's you go for the price not for the quality of the food or horrible customer service

George Reichle

Unable to self order had to wait in line for 10 min and took another 15 for food fries were cold and cooked hard burgers were dry

Maggie Andrews

Tastes exactly what I'm expecting

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