Winslow's Tavern

120 W 5th St, Greenville
(252) 364-8921

Recent Reviews

Pam Flanagan

Took 3 ladies out for lunch. Had the strawberry salad, which was so good. The waitresses were really good. Very accommodating. Will return Again.


Order a bison burger and didn’t even get through half of it. The flavor of the burger, with everything on it was good, but I couldn’t eat it. It was soooo overcooked it was like trying to eat rubber. I made a comment about it to my server (who i also found out was a manager) and was told they put bacon in the patty and so they have to cook it to a certain level. How about, don’t? Or maybe the servers or menu could specify that “this burger will be cooked to the point of tire-consistency” Just put the bacon on top and call it a day. I’ve had my fair share of bison burgers, this is the first one I hated. The rest of the food is probably fine. Idk, won’t be back.

David Rice

Has gone down hill very badly the last year and wasnt all that great to begin with. Staff is super friendly and the building is beautiful but you wont see anybody work there longer than a month. They are struggling so they cut corners on food to save money. They still have most the apps on the menu but if you try to order them they will tell you they dont serve them anymore. Rotating drafts have been cut to 10 oz. I have been multiple times and not been served before. If you are not from greenville dont fall for the honey trap of a pretty building this is pretty easily the worse restaurant in town. They will probably be out of business before I can even use my gift card.

Odofoley Oquaye

Good mimosas. Fiance and his brother had burgers that were requested to be cooked differently but looked exactly the same. I had a sandwich...meh. Probably won't be back.

Starry M.

Good service, good atmosphere, good food. Convenient location near everything in Greenville. I'll stop by again.

Tammy Gedrimas

The waitress was great and the food was decent! A little over priced but because of the location, it is expected. A good place to enjoy at least once.

Shirley Davis

First time here. ? My niece's Bridal Shower. Looking forward to the wedding in August. Had the sandwich Aunt Sadie with fries. Everything was very tasty. Yum?

robert bridges

We went here for a late lunch. Restaurant was not busy. Hostess seating us was friendly. Two wait staff working. Service was slow, and sandwiches we ordered were barely edible.Worst Grilled Ruben sandwich ever with only 2 slices of meat over grilled, no sauerkraut at all, and barely a sandwich. The spicy turkey sandwich was way more hoagie roll then turkey, again only 2 slices and very dry.We would recommend this place for beer, drinks and appetizers only. Sorry!We hear at one time this place had good food. May be time for a new chef/cook.

Rusty Foss

Great food. One if the best long iced teas I've ever had.

Mary Jane Murphy

Fantastic selection of beers, ciders, sours and cocktails but the food was just average nothing to rave about. Burger was small as was the pulled pork sandwich and only served with chips no coleslaw or a second side.

Hillary Gutherie

Stopped here on a work trip. Ordered the chicken bacon ranch flatbread after it was recommended. It was not good. The crust was soggy and had too much tomato sauce for a chicken bacon ranch taste. At the end of my meal a giant roach or some other bug ran across the bar right across where I was sitting. Just glad that I had paid because I instantly walked out. Giving it one star because I enjoyed my beer.

maritta Wishnia

It was late in the evening.. food was cold service not so good. Much better during the day


Service was slow, which is fine but the food was subpar to say the least. First we ordered the Giant pretzel knot... It was giant Ill give them that but it was also a giant dissapointment. Appears it was fried because it was hard as a rock and could have used it to grease an axle, the white queso had a film on top that not even the giant pretzel could penetrate and the mustoard was non existant.. Next we ordered some sandwiches. I ordered the old fashioned "just like mom used to make or better" my ASS! My mom never made a fried green tomato in her life but im sure it would be better than this if she tried.. It was a literal cherry tomato lost on a two pieces of sourdough toast that could have been used as bricks to support the bldg. My daughter ordered the Turkey & Prov on herbed foccacia.. which was just as hard as the sourdough and the only herbs must be the herb someone was smoking when they toasted it!! I ordered a beer on tap which took the waiter 20 minutes to find.. twice.. I hope it was just a bad day because the place has a really cool vibe and the buidling is nice..

Brittany L.

My party and I have been here about two hours, it took at least 30-45 minutes to receive drinks alone in a half empty restaurant. I'm writing this review while still waiting on food, and it's frustrating to see other tables who came in after get drinks, service, food all while my tables waits. Not only that it took, unreasonably long for the server to get it together to take orders. They said several times "I'll be back" and went to help another table before taking our drink and food orders. Winslow's used to be a pleasant experience, I don't know it's pandemic related or not. But I would not recommend anyone go here any time soon. Please let the community know when standards improve here, I don't imagine it will be soon...

Vickie Nichols

I ordered the barbecue sandwich and chips. The sandwich was delicious though a little vinegary, but the chips were fantastically prepared from fresh thin potatoes.

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