3855 John Gordon Ln, High Point
(336) 841-2382

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Gypsie Traveler's Log

Crazy fast service done with smiles under the heat of the day...keep up the hard work

Charles Hartis

I would suggest fixing the wording on your app for ordering ahead. Step number 4 says "someone is on the way to the pickup area with your order"... Or words to that effect. So we sat for 10 minutes in the parking space with the red sign that said order pick up 2, and watched people who had just gotten into line to order their food leave before us. When I called the contact number, they said we don't bring orders out to the spaces anymore. You have to come inside to get it.Then the app should simply say for step number 4, Please come inside to pick up your order!

Bryan Livingston

They stopped providing curbside pickup - drive-thru takes 10x longer. The last 2 times I've ordered, my sandwiches have been room temperature immediately when checking them after pickup. Nice staff as usual but quality & customer service is diminishing.

Rebecca Daugherty

1st time at the restaurant. Did drive thru. Nice that someone was there taking your order outside but we were not given time to look at the menu to see what all they had to offer. Very busy and cars lined up in both lanes. Guess we will have to check out the menu online before we visit there again. Food was warm and good.


Always so fast even with a line around the store. Great service and food.

Brian McDaniel

Spicy chicken goodness! The peach milkshake is awesome!

Mua Mua

I ordered a frosted coffee and was waiting for my coffee at the lot. The staff that was bringing my coffee went to another car and delivered his food and they talked for a while, and then she proceeded with my coffee. Meanwhile, the guy doesn’t have any mask on and my coffee has this their open lid. So, when she came to give me my coffee, I told her that am not taking it before I saw her taking my drink to the at the other spot and then bringing it to me with the open lid . I asked her to replace it for me which her face frowned because she wasn’t wearing a mask either and she left. She came back within minutes with the coffee in another cup and now with a closed lid…. then she has a smirk smile on her face. I immediately turned the coffee down and told her she can forget about it! My appetite was gone!

Chanel Webster

Service was fast and friendly. Food was great! Would definitely go back.

Leroy Walker

Always consistent and fast. They have speed and delivery down to a science.

Grace F.

amazing service and the food never fails. i go here at least 2x a week since i work nearby! i’ve had catering orders as well, which have always been perfect. also, for my fellow coffee lovers, the new frozen coffee is AMAZING!

s tram

Customer service 5 stars, service lightening fast and friendly. Corporations should take lessons from Chick-fil-A! Ran like a well oiled machine. Happy employees Happy customer.

mark little

Very busy at lunch but they handle the traffic well with outside staff taking drive thru orders. Food was good, hot, and the service was great.

Kent L

Glad to see the dine-in area re-opened. What a difference a week makes. Last week though the place was very busy, I was the only person eating inside. That sure was a novel experience. Not today. Could hardly find a spot to park or sit.

Randy V.

Amazing service! They are absolutely the best when it comes to efficiently and their drive-thru. If only other restaurants could come close, wow.....

Blanca Chan

There must have been about 12 vehicle's at least. Our order was taken immediately abd it must have 3 to 5 minutes when the meal was brought to us by an employee. Excellent service.

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