8000 Fayetteville Rd, Raleigh
(919) 772-9503

Recent Reviews

Ason Ramos

Im stop on this place for food. I like the flavor yummy

Rhonda Salsgiver

Very clean! The service is ok. Busy or not, you'll be waiting a bit, drive thru or inside. But, the food is always good, made as ordered and is hot.

Tony Walsh

The Mushroom cheese burger is great. Service great. Their ONION RINGS are awful now. They used to have to the best onion rings. Hoping they switch back. Before I thought the onion rings were made in restaurant. Would have given a 4 if they hadn't changed brand.

lucky Luciano I

Service is great ..an people there very nice...give 10 stars

David Crouse

very good biscuits, great service

Dwayne Bass

Hardee's have the best burgers and real beef and not some thin McDonald I want to be big burgers with Hardee's you get more quality also it's more healthier then McDonald's for your information go by Hardee's and live up to an better life ?

John Widdifield

The food has always been fresh and the service had always been friendly to me. And unlike some other fast food joints I won't mention, I get home with the right order everytime!

Shannon Alvarado

Really good. Customer service could have been a little better

Tammy Honeycutt

The biscuits were absolutely horrible! The last few times we have b tried this place it just keeps getting worse. Never again!!

Tarshia Edwards

Can I say that when I want a hardy hot ham and cheese sandwich and a ballpark hot dog, this is where I go to make it happen.

Sarah Williamson

Horrible service. My sandwiches had so many condiments on them the buns were soaked. I was handed not one but 2 drinks with the lids not even secured. One lid was so smashed on one side, I had to ask for another lid. The sandwich I specifically ordered with NO mustard was drenched in it. Gave up on eating the sandwiches. Will NEVER stop at THIS particular Hardee's again.

Patricia G. Overman

Food was hot, but I waited 20 minutes in the drive thru for the car in front of me to get their food. Please just park cars if their food isn't ready to let others move through faster. You'll make your customers happier and probably on time for work.

rosemary hall

I tried the prime rib biscuit and egg. It was tasty but had an onion flavor about it that I didn't like. I would not order again.

David Wright

Quick & friendly service. Fresh food. Prime rib biscuit is pretty good - a bit different but will definitely buy again.

Mark Wills

The servers are fast and friendly, and foods is great.

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