Red Lobster

1145 Glenway Drive CROSSROADS SHOPPING CENTER, Statesville
(704) 881-0712

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Joseph Camacho

Lobster tank empty. They must have caught Covid and died? Hostess joked that the restaurant doesn't do a good job of taking care of them. Nice to know while getting seated. Plenty of host with just a handful of waitresses. Our service was terrible. Drinks had no alcohol, in which other reviews state. Medium cooked steak came out burnt. Never asked if we wanted refills or more bread. This place isn't your normal Red Lobster anymore. Below average. Inexperienced help. I only gave it 2 stars because a couple of the hostesses did put in work to try to save the waitresses disaster. You don't have to tip. Waitresses need to learn that this is a courtesy EARNED and not already a given.

Dara Kinkopf

My sister ordered a burger well done. She ended up with a bloody mess on her plate. I felt sick the rest of the meal. Absolutely ridiculous.

Rachel Jones

The food was excellent but service was severely lacking! The waitress walked away before we were even done ordering, we waited 30 minutes (not even exaggerating) for the check while she chatted at a nearby table, and to get a receipt we finally had to ask another waitress. A busboy had has pants sagged so much his underwear was showing, and no one said anything to a customer that talked literally our whole meal on her phone, with it ON SPEAKER, at that! An altogether bad experience. If it wasn't for the good food, we would NOT go back.

G. Anne Spencer

Steak was overcooked but they got it right the second time. Mojito too sweet. Moscow just bad. Our waitress kassilyn was awesome and made the experience worth it.

Maria Alejandra R.

This restaurant was truly awful, the surf & turf was awful, hardly any flavor, tough steak, not cooked to desire, lobster Mac & cheese also had no flavor.

Bettina Nelson

We weren't finished with our dinner so the waitress hurried us up and stood over us trying to get the card through. It was terrible. We stood at the hostess desk for12 minutes before anyone saw us,or cared too. I asked the manager why so long? There was no line. She said she's been busy and is only one person. Really? Wow. my 100.00 meal, really.

mitchell wall

The atmosphere was perfect, not too brightly lit, not too dim. The service was great, and the food was hot, fresh and delicious! What more could you ask for ??

Libby G.

This was my third visit to this location and once again, I was not impressed. We visited on a Thursday for late lunch, only a couple of other tables were seated. Waitresses seemed to have perfected disappearing acts, as once we received our food, they went missing. The manager brought us refills. The biscuits were good, but the shrimp and fish were bland. Had to wait way too long to get out bill and people were having to wait for someone to come to the hostess stand to be seated. I understand we were there during a slow period, but they didn't seem to have enough staff to provide coverage for the few tables that were seated.

Jacob Beauchamp

Cold food. lobster didn’t taste correct at all. This is the second time we tried this place in a year. Both times were terrible experience with the food.

Glenn Turman

Nice place to go on speacal occasions. Food is always good but prices are tough to swallow. If you go out and want some great food and a nice atmosphere then Red Lobster is a great place to go.

Martha Brewer

We were seated for 30 minutes before a waiter came after we went and asked for a waiter. Food was slow coming out , everything had to be requested over and over. The waiter was unable to answer questions about special requests. We were there over 2 hours. The food was okay. No apology for the delays.

Destiny Cox

I ordered a wagu bacon cheese burger well done and when I tell you the whole inside was raw I’m not exaggerating. I am pregnant and told the lady to make sure it’s well done and she still wants to tell me that it’s well done after looking at it. I swear on my unborn child’s life I will never return to this red lobster.

Melissa Richards

We love Red Lobster and typically the service is good. However tonight was horrible. We waited approximately 15 mins or more for our drink order and right now 1 hr in and waiting on food. ?

Valerie Stone

It's been a long time since I've been to Red Lobster, so I was looking forward to dining here. My brother ordered the seafood stuffed mushrooms and they were fantastic, but my lobster bisque was underwhelming by comparison. But this new entree, 'Soy Glazed Salmon' was an absolutely wonderful change of pace! The Salmon was cooked perfectly, and the crispy brussel sprouts were really, really nice! It was a light, yet incredibly satisfying meal. I highly recommend it!

Danielle K.

Horrible. Not any other word for it. We planned a 50th birthday party which was confirmed ten days ahead of time, seven days ahead of time and the day of. Only two servers were there. The two severs, Dale and Katherine, tried very hard. They were very pleasant. The manager "Scooby" wouldn't even come out and help until we asked multiple times. It took over an hour to get drinks. We ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and it came in a chiller with ice and two martini glasses???  Cold food. Hair in the food. Nothing came out as expected. Awful. Do not go there.

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