Bruno's Pizza

910 E Front Ave, Bismarck
(701) 751-3700

Recent Reviews

doug porter

Excellent thin crust pizza!

James Grossmann

Ate a gluten free pizza. Was offered a Michelob Ultra as a gluten free beer (it isn't). They did offer me the special on drinks using what they had that was gf. Love the pizza!

Jennifer Buresh

The gluten free pizza is amazing and very well made. Tasty! Full of flavor.

Nicole B.

We waited awhile at the front for someone to acknowledge we were there and it was during a slow time. Our waitress was nice. Unfortunately one of our meals was incorrect (sauce was forgot on the baked pasta) so we sent it back for something else, and ended up waiting 15 more minutes to get it. The calzones were dry with very little sauce inside as well. When we received our bill, we were told they gave us 50% off our messed up meal - which in my opinion should have been comped considering they admitted it was wrong and then waited so long to get the right meal. For the price, I would not return.

Matthew Vegas

Brunos Pizza is great! I highly recommend trying them out. We recently worked on some local advertisements and they were fantastic. If you have a chance, go check them out!


My wife went here for dinner. we got a great pizza with our fav. toppings. The server was great, food came fast.

Calvin W.

Holy smokes! I wish there were pizzerias like these guys in my locale! The team at Bruno's knows how to concoct some quality cuisine! My family and I ordered the Tangler which was a scrumptious BBQ pie that's leagues beyond your typical Papa or Domino offerings and includes yummy pulled pork and fried onions. My favorite ended up being their bacon cheeseburger pie which was EXCEPTIONAL due to their choice of seasoned beef and surplus of cheeses! The least favorite pie was the Ralph which featured the inclusion of mashed potatoes in a pizza, but all in all wasn't really that bad. We just learned that mashed taters probably don't do well as a pizza sauce replacement. If you think I'm saying the pie was bad, I'm not. It's just something you probably try once to experience a different facet of life! The taters were absolutely killer and seasoned to perfection! The wings were decent and far better than anything you'd get from any of your usual chain pizzerias. If Bruno's were closer to where I live, names like the Hut, Papa, or Domino's would all be like the names of my exes: a distant memory!

Don GreyDay

I don't go in to sit down to have pizza very often, but Bruno's is an exception. They have great appetizers and a wide range of interesting pizzas. The Big Bruno pizza is quite tasty by the way.

Rebbecca Williams

Awesome food, the delivery driver went to the store to get a drink the company was out of for our delivery. That was awesome, and they had amazing pizza and calzones.

Nicole Feller

Had the Mac and cheese pizza and a 3 meat and was hands down the best!!

Holly Schulz

My experiences at Bruno’s have always been amazing, BUT THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE: I asked them to draw a dinosaur on the inside of my pizza delivery box and THEY DID IT. I named him Charles and I will be putting him on the wall in my kitchen.

Ashley F.

I placed my order online and when the website tracker said my order was done I went in. Turns out the tracker they use is just "fake" and they don't really have a button or a way to control when it says it's actually completed. So, my order wasn't even started. I waited 20 minutes for it & the special notes you can also leave on the website.. apparently they don't see that either. The wings used to be amazing and now they look and taste worse than frozen chicken nuggets covered in sauce. This place has gone down hill... if you're wanting to spend a higher price point on pizza... pick somewhere else as little caesars is 1000x better than this place. Also, it was filthy inside. People wore the same gloves they used at the till to make pizza and place toppings.

Cami Jo

It’s your friends and families local gathering place for good times, good food, and great staff!

Tryston Simek

I've enjoyed Bruno's Pizza for years. The service is great and the food is delicious. Even though I have only had their takeout over the last year (2020-2021), they never fail to produce a high quality product each time.

Tanya Heustis

First time I rated Brunos I gave them a 3 Star. Thus last time I went is was service and definitely 5 Star! The food was great. The girl at the counter apologized for being short staffed but I would have never known the difference...I had great srvice.

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