2124 N 12th St, Bismarck
(701) 221-2486

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Many locations have not gotten fully stocked on products. Have to make sure your drink and all its ingredients are available.Why is the lines so long? Drinks are ordered and should be made in the way they are received. Not always the case. Starting to lose faith.

Anthony Lewis

Best location to go. Staff is fast and courteous. Love this place.


You can tell that this Starbucks is often frequented by rude entitled customers. I've only been to this Starbucks location a few times because there's one a little closer to where I live, but every single time I'vevisited I've witnessed someone in the drive thru line yelling at another customer (this happened today) or at the employees for the most pointless and obscure reasons. I feel for the employees because they have always been kind, accomodating and efficient with each of my visits despite being yelled at by others for "no foam" or "too many ice cubes" etc..BE NICE TO YOUR BARISTAS AND FELLOW COFFEE LOVERS! Love Starbucks and always have a great experience here! Keep up the great work!

Court Kay

Thank you for making the perfect birthday puppacino for my doggy! State street Starbucks had the best staff!!!!

Jessica Johnson

Slow service! Drip coffee doesn't take more than 2 seconds to pour. Don't put drip coffee orders in the queue after lattes and other more complicated drinks. Just pour them and serve them, then move on. Lots of people angry at this Starbucks this morning.

madison getz

Placed a mobile order for a pink drink. Waited 20 mins in the store!! Watched a lady place a order at the counter for 3 drinks and left before me! At that point I had been there for 15 mins.

M. F.

I have been here twice. One time my coffee tasted more like milk than coffee and the other I was distracted from that by the nice atmosphere if you are sat on the patio outside. Starbucks is a fake coffee shop but if you choose this one it's lovely to hang out at and the baristas here are nice!

Katie Gorecki

The barista that was working was efficient and had a great work ethic. He made my drink and it was delicious. Service was fantastic on a Saturday morning. This was the Starbucks right next to the La Quinta in Bismarck.

Verlee Gilkerson

Very fast service. The staff was very friendly.

Annette Johnson

Always have the best drinks. Thank you.

Lee Pierce

Starbucks is becoming less of a neighborhood coffee shop and more of a political statement. It is disappointing.


Had to substitute cake pops for Danish but it was good.

Whitney Geletich

My order was perfect, and they had it made quickly. The gal who helped me was so friendly and cheerful she actually made my day better! Kindness is such an important gift to give to others. Thanks for being awesome!

Kim Strawberry

The people here work so fast and are mindful of every customer. Clean and friendly

Squinty McCheese

I ordered two drinks here for delivery yesterday, and only received one drink, and a cup of water, I was even charged full price for it, I couldn't call the company because the phones weren't even on as soon at it hit 8. Not coming back, or ordering from this branch ever again.

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