Casa Java Café

17 Birch St, Derry
(603) 260-5413

Recent Reviews

David Richards

Tasty cup of coffee, relaxed atmosphere. Parking can be tight but the coffee is great.

Natalie Taylor

Probably the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I have my fingers crossed they'll decide to sell bags to make at home!

Jacob Carlson

We have gotten crepes, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, lattes from here and everything has been very good! The crepes here are very good! And the breakfast sandwich we had was amazing, they did a great job with it. We have tried a few of their lattes and some of them we loved and others we didn’t like so much - probably just dependent on the person. Chai latte? Fantastic. I would be giving a 5 star if not for how often our order gets messed up; it’s not very bothersome for us but it is slightly annoying.

Aileen C.

We are new to the area, and trying every coffee place around to find our spot. This place didn't even make the list unfortunately. Upon arriving, we thought the parking was really convenient, and even had an entrance with a ramp connected for easy access. Upon entering, the decor looked awesome. It has a great layout, but right off the bat something didn't feel right. We were the only ones there, and despite being names "Casa Java" it didn't smell like coffee at all. The staff were very friendly, and let us take our time with the menu, after explaining it was our first time. I ordered a medium iced latte with a croissant, while my husband order a Milky Way latte with a chocolate muffin for the grand total of about $20. When the food came out, I was shocked. The croissant was undercooked and looked like someone rolled it in a ball. It was absolutely disgusting (see my photo). Both drinks were burnt and we are fairly certain the milk was sour. The chocolate muffin was the only decent thing about our order. We decided to go here because of the positive reviews, so I'm not sure why our experience was drastically different. However, I am certain that I won't be back here any time soon.

Hannah Blaikie

Was interested in trying out this place today but my experience was not the best. Very poor customer service and lack of parking. Visited at 1:09pm and asked if I could seat myself for breakfast or if I needed to order at the counter first. The girl said to order at counter and then when I’m finished I can take a seat. As I was reading over the menu they then told me they couldn’t serve any type of food because they close at 2!! An entire hour later. Sad because I came here for food…as it is a breakfast cafe!!! Maybe they should post that next time or even let me know when I asked in the first place. Unprofessional

Melissa Sherwin

So I originally went here in person, food was great and staff was friendly. I enjoyed the sweet crepes so much we wanted to order online next time. Twice now we have attempted to order online and both times we left without food. First time my oder didn't come up until they manually pushed it through and then I was told they don't have flour.....really? Second time my husband went on his lunch break and again they failed to have our order ready, and he was told they couldn't make it. If you can't do online orders you shouldn't offer it. It breaks my heart to have to share this poor experience for a small local business but I'm hoping that the owners read this and can improve the service. I really love crepes and it's not something you can find just anywhere. Hoping things improve soon.

Mariano Santangelo

Casa Java is a little corner gem in the heart of Derry. The staff is super nice and the food offered is fresh, very creative and delicious. They have a great variety of lattes, smoothies, crepes (hard to find anywhere) wraps and salads. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Pearl Ellen

Such a cute little place! Went here for the first time and they were super nice and the coffee was one of the best I’ve had anywhere! Will definitely be coming back on lunch breaks :)

Steph Anie

Dope little breakfast spot awesome vibes with decor and how everything is set up, friendly staff. However I don't know if I went on a weird day or not. The food wasn't good. I order pollo wrap of some sorts and it's just wasn't good at all. The wrap tasted weird. Chicken was definitely dry and it was just cheese and tomato. Person I was with also wasn't a fan of there breakfast sandwhich

Cherie H

I'd like to go 5 star for friendliness, atmosphere and local small business, but the coffee and lattes were so weak, it was like drinking milk with a splash of coffee. Since the business name implies good coffee, I had to knock off 2 stars for that alone.

Katielynn L.

Love the atmosphere of the building itseld but had an egg wrap this past week, and it was extremely bland...

Anne-Marie Black

Everything is amazing here! It’s also so much bigger than it looks from the street. They have awesome lattes, smoothies, and crepes!

Luke L.

I love Casa Java The crepes here are fantastic. They are massive, full of flavor, and prepared very well. The menu has great variety so whether you enjoy something sweet or savory they have you covered. I love the vast selection of coffee, both hot and iced, that they have as well. The staff here is always super friendly with great personality and professionalism. I cant say enough about Casa Java. A must visit for anyone in the area in need of an easy choice for a great breakfast or caffeine-charge.

Krystin Watts

Super delicious crepes. It's great to see a NH creperie that makes fresh crepes to order. They make both sweet and savory, though I found the savory ones needed a little side of sauce - but they do have a chipotle aioli that works perfectly! The one with mushroom soup as a sauce was fantastic.

Matt Wellington

Always super slow. The coffee is good but expensive. You'll wait extra long for food. Don't be in a rush. The food is ok but they get our order wrong sometimes.

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