Chens Restaurant

122 E Broadway, Derry
(603) 437-8989

Recent Reviews

Steve Rodman

Still going strong, good food and great service, Do try the Scorpion it's a unique drink.

Justin Oelerich

Greasy and OK but local. Definitely a go-to if you live nearby and have no other options

Chris Detoma

Veggie rolls have no veggies, just fried roll. Other stuff is ok, but crab Rangoon is to watery.

Farren Rodrick

Fastest delivery in the universe ??‍♀️and the food never disappoints, is always hot as well. Definitely one of the top restaurants in Derry, ? #1 for delivery.

Babette Fitzgerald

Went to Saturday night karaoke. SO MUCH FUN! The woman that runs the karaoke night is AWESOME (not to mention she has one hell of a voice). Haven't been out in a bit so I was a little apprehensive, but the staff, the patrons, the food, the drinks and the general air of the place was great! Thanks for a great night and hopefully many more!


The best Chinese food I've had in quite some time! Very friendly people running the place and you could tell the food was just cooked!!

Leo Guy

Food overall was good only negative thing? Boneless spareribs had too much gristle.

Lisa Zan

12/31/21 To whom it may concern, I called Chen's Chinese food in Derry New Hampshire I started making my order for a Ham fried rice, Spring roll, Boneless spare ribs, Chicken finger, Green been garlic, Beef lo Mein, Chicken cashew and then the woman gave me the total price of $158 when i added up the total from a different restaurant which came out to $74 so I asked the woman why was it so high and she said because they upped their prices beware this does not look right and you don't upgrade prices that high.


As always, they don't disappoint. Good food and service.

Chris Dyer

Things have changed there but the food is still good.

Jose Cora

This is a pit stop when the team gets together for a ride. Excellent food and drinks. My favorite has to be the Salted and Spicy Squid ? with Chicken fried rice ?. There's plenty of chicken in the rice!!! Service is always on point.

Tim -

Strongly have to disagree with these recent reviews. I stopped by here earlier in the summer and was more than disappointed with the meal that my girlfriend and I received. I ordered the sesame chicken which was flavorless and had the color of red kool aid, the rice I was served was also pretty dry. The quality of the chicken itself was also very much lacking, I opted to finish one piece of my order. My girlfriend ordered veggie fried rice & scallion pancakes, the scallion pancakes were enjoyable but the fried rice was far from it. I was very disappointed with my meal and experience overall, I was not able to receive a refund for the sesame chicken when I told them I was not a fan in the slightest. Instead I was told that typical American restaurants do not give refunds which I believe is far from the truth? The fountain drinks are nice though if that’s your cup of tea

Tom Farmer

Food still good as it has been for years!

Lihua Zhang

First time in Chen’s restaurant and YOU have to go! This cozy restaurant has left the best impressions! Hospitable hosts, delicious dishes. They made us feel welcomed and gave us an amazing experience. Considering the quality, the price is reasonable. Highly recommend!

Charles Van Coppenolle

Food has improved. Great service

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