Five Guys

61 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 818-8290

Recent Reviews

Cj4 Football

Great service and food, also my dad knows most of the students that work there


Best coffee milkshake ever. Aaaaaaand they are doing away with it.... :(

James Allard

They have great burgers but the buns they use are not up to par.They are literally sogged out and mush when you get your burger.If they changed the bun there burger would be hart to beat.

isaac diaz

Walked in to pick up food that was supposed to be ready 15 minutes ago without being greeted at all. Horrible customer service and completely disorganized. Workers are chaotic with others standing around doing nothing.

Ashley Holmes

I absolutely love going to five guys, the burgers are amazing even without a bun. My favorite are their banana chocolate milkshakes, just the right combination when your wanting a chocolatey treat.

Justin O

We got here and ordered around 9:35 pm. So I understand its late. But the condition of behind the counter food prep area is absolutely nasty. The milkshake machine was covered in ice cream. It was all over the floor too. There is napkins and paper all over the floor behind the register. The grill had nothing on it and it was smoking a lot. French fries all over the floor and smushed. The burger prep station where the add the toppings is covered in toppings.Overall impression is terrible. I get they might have been short staffed. Totally understand. But if I had another burger place near by to go to I would never come back here. And I used to frequently eat here. I love Five Guys. But this is not acceptable.

Nate N.

Cashier told me to wait outside for my order because I didn't have a mask even though he was wearing his on his chin. Live free or die

Nathan Perry

I really like the fries even though orders get messed up occasionally.

Cherie H

Yum! And extremely clean and covid careful.

Robert McHenry

My favorite burger joint. A tad on the expensive side but great food!

Michael Lindquist

Mask ? zealots with big brother tracking requirements.Other then that the food was ok. Nothing spectacular. Fries are fresh and flavorful, the burger was a standard one with the regular toppings. All in all... just another burger place.

Anthony Vallante

Always great food .quick service and very pleasant staff .

Jen Lynde

Love the food here super quick service A+


Best fast food restaurant hands down. Always the best quality food, great shakes as well! The burgers are delicious

Ron Petrin

It's a burger joint but they do a good job. No peanuts during covid-19 times, but when the world gets back to normal make sure you sit in there and grab a bunch of freshies. Delicious free peanuts to go along with the pretty decent burger me to order with a bunch of toppings. That's the part I really like a bunch of toppings!

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