La Herradura Mexican Restaurant

158 Rockingham Rd unit 5, Derry
(603) 216-1259

Recent Reviews

Ted Whitten

First off, note that they're open for takeout only. This was my first time visiting. The food is absolutely fantastic. The carnitas are wonderful and the nachos my son got were great too! I'll definitely be back.

Sara A

For a Mexican restaurant in Derry it's pretty top notch! I do wish you could get enchiladas Verde with chicken which I would 100% suggest to everyone! I'm going to ask next time!

Rebecca Laycock

Always amazing food and fast, friendly service.


Great little hole in the wall! Amazing service and great food, they have an open concept kitchen that you can peek into and it is very clean. I'd totally recommend this place to anyone.

Adriana Turmel

HIDDEN GEM ?I’m a pico lover and MAN let me tell you! AMAZING everything was soooo good

Krista Tockey

The food is FANTASTIC! The family who runs it is so sweet. I love supporting this local business!

Johanna Faber

The staff is very welcoming and friendly!! Best Mexican food I've ever had

Josh & Katie

We love the food and service here. Our favorite Mexican restaurant in Derry!

Jamielee P.

This place is AMAZING!! Fast and yummy food! Highly recommend! My family always gets them for take out and we are always so happy with their service :)

Stephen M a

Always delicious, not a long wait.

Nicholas Raposo

Such friendly service and delicious food!! 10/10!!

Laura Severino

Delicious authentic Mexican food. I was born in Texas on the border so I know good Mexican food lol. The owners are so nice too!! Great place. Check it out!

Blake Revel

my partner and I have both lived in parts of the country with excellent mexican food (southern UT and San Francisco). and we agree that la Herradura is the best we've found in the area. don't waste your time with the local chain. looking forward to dining in with la Herradura again.

Jason Vetter

Tried their Burrito California today. Pretty good but not excellent. 4 out of 5.

Wilton Coppinger

Amazing vibes and very welcoming service. The food was crisp and delicious. Will absolutely recommend this place to others. Affordable prices and big meals. Great work.

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