Sumo Sushi

55 Crystal Ave #24, Derry
(603) 260-5348

Recent Reviews

Jack Acies

Don't let low prices make you skeptical. Food was fresh and delicious

Jillian M

Came for lunch with coworkers today. Everything tasted great but the sushi rice and sushi rolls were not tightly made. Everything fell apart when you put it in soy sauce. Service was good and prompt though.

Joshua Willette

Drink tasted like soap . Poor quality tuna , after my second drink I was brought my check . Wanted to do some day drinking but I guess not. Ended up going to @chens down the street

Harry Manback

I'm gonna' BE a Sumo after finding this place!They are super good. Staff is very friendly, and professional. And the food presentation is on point. Made me feel I was somewhere else.The only disappointing thing is leaving and walking out to realize you're only in Derry, NH.Two thumbs way up!

Valerie Martin

Great food, great drinks. I'm here at least once a week

Kimberley R.

Sushi here is delicious and very fresh. The gyoza is the best in town. I'm a big fan of their chicken teriyaki too! Great service, beautiful atmosphere, and usually not too crowded or loud.

Charles Cacciola

Not bad, also not great either.For a place named after their sushi it's on the low end of mediocre. Wouldn't reccomend itThe pork fried rice tastes like they used old shrimp fried rice, but after getting it a second time I realized that that;'s just how it tastes, so, don't know what to make of that.The BEEF NEGIMAKI on the other hand, is definitely something to write home about. It's probably their best thing. It's really really good. Should rename the place sumo negimaki.

John Hosty-Grinnell

Food portions are great, quality of the food is first rate and the staff are friendly and attentive without being intrusive.

Derek Bencze

I got a lot of sushi for a great price! They'll give you a huge boat of sushi with a large variety for only $50. Everything is made fresh to order. My only complaint is that when I was there with my Mom, she left her purse and by the time we got to Manchester we realized what had happened. I called to let them know about her purse and they said they would take care of it. They ended up leaving her purse on the same chair that she sat in by the bar with other people seated around it without bringing it up to the front desk for safe keeping.


It gets crowded on weekends but the food is always good. Rolls are huge and the restaurant has lots of different seating.

Ryan Waldron

Great Sushi, Okay Tepanyaki. It is great to find a place in NH that has good sushi, there are so many mediocre to really bad places around. We tried the tepan/hibachi food and it was good, but not great. The fact that they charge the same prices for lower quality food without the usual show cooking at the table means we will be going to Masa in Manchester or Ichiban in Concord for hibachi in future....but for sushi, we will definitely be back to Sumo.

James Callery

One of my favorite restaurants in Derry. Awesome hibachi, great sushi, and fantastic fast service

Jessica S.

Great spot and very clean. Best crab rangoons I've have in a while and the sushi was excellent. The chicken teriyaki dinner was good but the chicken was cold which was disappointing. Overall I thought the food and margaritas were good. I'll definitely be back!

Kirsten McCarthy

Great food. Great quality. Always delicious.

Ceile Bathrick

I really like their sushi. I don’t think I have tried something that I didn’t like from this place, staff is chill and nice. The plates and silverware could be a little cleaner if you ask me, but other than that I enjoy.

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