56 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 421-0284

Recent Reviews

Glenn Adams

Burgers are fresh, not frozen meat...

Sue Churchill

If you want cold soggy fries and your order most definitely made wrong, then this place is for you!! How this place is still open is beyond me. SMH, horrible food and awful customer service. The employees look like they came from a tent in the woods and went right to work. Gross!

Whitney Love

Ordered 3 orders of spicy chicken nuggets and a medium fry. Was charged for all of it and received 2 orders of nuggets and a small fry. Incredibly understaffed and never seem to get orders right.


Stopped by to pick up something for the way home 2 hours north.. and got no straws nor utensils to eat my food. Hire more ppl with energy and not so lazy.

Richard S Gazda

Good fast food restaurant.

Chuck Paone

Nothing beats the heat like a Frosty on a hot day!

Jason Bristol

Lazy people, they're drive thru only. Aaand... Skip.

Tim Bridge

Understaffed , but professional and friendly. Food was hot and fresh. Order was made correctly and provided as fast as possible with only 3 people working. Overall happy with them, and the food, considering the way things are these days.

jake giroux

Good. Small parking lot.

Linda Abbott

Great service and food.

jeff roy

As always, Derry, the worst Wendy's in the area. It has been this way unfortunately for at least 20 years. Everytime I think maybe they have gotten better.... Nope. Whoever owns this franchise should lose it

616 !

Rude staff and the food i got was cold and gross i will deff be going to the Londonderry location next time

Norman Sparky Howard

first customer at Wendy's this morning manager said we don't open till 10:00 I said it's 10:00 took some time to get my food which I thought would be awesome due to the fact that they just opened. I bought the $5 biggie bag burger was called fun was called chicken nuggets not hot french fries perfect. I called and spoke to the manager the gentleman who said we don't open till 10:00 he told me it was impossible that my burgers were cold considering they were just cooked everyt

Debra Finlayson

The manager at this location was very rude and unprofessional.I ordered a chicken pub pretzel sandwich and got a spicy jalepeno popper sandwich.when i called back he told me i got what i ordered.um no i didn't.i asked for it to be remade and he told me he was to busy.i have been a manager at wendys before and i ha e never seen a manager act like that

Fey Lee

I don't go here often but everytime I have, the food has always been good.

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