349 NJ-35, Union Beach
(732) 739-1592

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Harold Calmon

The food was never nasty poor service no ketchup had to wait 10 minutes for are food watered down orange juice

B C.

I've been here 3 times. If it wasn't in such a close location, I wouldn't even bother giving it a second chance. The buns were completely stale the first two times, and the third time they were completely out of hamburgers(!) - it was 6:20 on a Thursday night. The letters on the McDonald's sign out front have been broken for as long as I can remember and they've never bothered to fix them. That says a lot for such a huge franchise. This place only exists to take money from vacationers on their way back to Staten Island.

Mark Sportiello

McDonald's is the ultimate guilty pleasure fast food restaurant. Always consistent, always good

dhruv patel

They are always rushing trying to be quick but they always forget to put napkin or they don't even ask you. If need any sauce and when you ask them their attitude towards you like you did some thin wrong

Robert Burton

What's the point of going through a drive thru if all they're going to do is have you park and then wait for the food. This location has done this twice to us, there won't be the opportunity for a chance.

Christopher H.

I have to agree with everyone....This is the Worst McDonald's in NJ deserves negative stars!!! There are no redeeming qualities about this location 90% of the time the order is wrong or cold the burger buns are really stale ... It's seems like it maybe food from earlier in the day or the day before If you do get fresh food it looks like it was drop kicked across the restaurant before they bagged it up ..... missing ingredients and falling apart before you eat it Nuggets are stale hard and reheated/microwaved. And the drinks are gross the mixture is way off or they are not using the correct may be off brand syrup flavors instead of real (Coke) products The best thing about this place is everyone knows to go somewhere else!!!

Black Panther

Rude staff and terrible costomer service the girl standing at 2nd window has attitude problem,I think she is the order taker .

Marc M.

This is the worst McDonald's I've ever been to they dont clean there table the floors are so dirty and the seats are disgusting also there are bugs everywhere in the restaurant and please for the love of god check your food before eating and also there is a ton of mold in here.

Cynthia Steffe

ordered a large ice coffee at drive thru Thursday 8/5/2021 and when I took a sip it tasted like lemonade.... don't know if it was sour or what but threw the whole thing out.. Also when you purchase a big breakfast there you never get condiments, utensils...very disappointing.

Cindy Mercurio Lange

Went there yesterday for lunch. normally I don’t have anything to complain about but look at the bun that they gave me with my chicken sandwich!! You mean to tell me you can’t see that when you’re making the sandwich?!

T smith

Dining rooms are open,but restrooms are closed.

Basstruckin Fastlane

This place is horrible! It says they’re open and all the lights are on and employees inside. I was the only customer and waited 5 minutes for someone to at least acknowledge i was there but it never happened. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else instead

Steven House Sr.

Just got coffee, and service was great and coffee fresh.

Kathleen A.

Worst McDonald's ever! Rude people who get orders wrong all the time. Once got a Big Mac with NO MEAT! Another time they had no fires. No fries at McDonald's. You always have to pull up and wait for food. It's the closest to my house but I will drive to other locations because this one is so awful.

michael dejesus

This is my early morning stop right before work and the employees at the one I go to are awesome .. I left my meal one day by accident and called they just told me to come back the next day and had a fresh one for me n I didnt even need my receipt

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