Chipotle Mexican Grill

818 Haddonfield Rd, Cherry Hill
(856) 661-1761

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Vicky Gillian

The most disgusting Chipotle I’ve ever seen. Floors and tables filthy dirty. Trash cans overflowing with trash in the store. Very lazy workers. A few years ago this Chipotle was so much times better I wonder what changed. I feel like calling the health dept. Imagine if what you see is so filthy imagine what the kitchen looks like! Luckily a new one opened down the street . Goodbye

Michael Meusz

Do not online order here. They will ALWAYS mess up your order. I ordered a Barbacoa/Chicken bowl and got a Veggie bowl even though on the lid it outlines my correct order. Go elsewhere since the team members here do not know how to make online orders!

Jesse Hayes

Do NOT order for this location through Doordash! The employees are so utterly incompetent, that they have COMPLETELY screwed up 3 out of 3 orders we placed. That’s not a good record….Tonight’s dinner arrived sooo cold, it could support a fork, standing up….because it had turned into a burrito brick, instead of the burrito bowl I ordered. If you like your money….DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!

Caidyn M

Dirtiest Chipotle ever. I got in line and was completely turned off by the uncleanliness of the entire restaurant. Tables had dried food stuck to them, the countertops were littered with food and the hallway leading to the restrooms smelled terrible—like rotten garbage. It made me lose my appetite and eventually walk out. I found a cleaner and better Chipotle down the street (across the street from Ponzios). This Chipotle was SPOTLESS.

Thuan Nguyen

Waited 20 minutes past the pickup time for mobile order just to get the wrong order.

Miguel Medina

Terrible service. They have been doing digital orders only for some time and it has just made things worse: waited almost an hour for a simple chicken bowl. You can tell the staff was clearly overworked because of being short staffed. Management needs some serious revamping and either needs to strategize better scheduling or increase pay to lure more staff to work. It’s ridiculous that I wait longer for food at Chipotle than a real sit down restaurant like The Capital Grille or Cheesecake Factory across the street. Embarrassing service

Jennifer Claudio

Pick up orders are made up fast. They don't ask for name or anything, just go in and find your bag w your name on it. Food always good.

J P.

Our food wasn't ready until 25 minutes after the scheduled time and the customer service wasn't the best along the way. When we finally got our food, we needed napkins because there weren't any in our bag or available in the restaurant, there weren't any cup lids available, and the specialty drink I ordered was empty at the dispenser. When I asked an employee for help, they told me to ask someone else. Everyone else was making orders so this was even more of a disturbance and wasn't helpful. The quality of the food wasn't amazing either when we finally had it. I ordered a burrito and my friend ordered 3 tacos. The burrito was decent and the tacos were good. Based on the customer service alone I don't see myself revisiting any time soon, and I hope others have a better experience than we did.

Noreen Harris

I just recently was introduced to Chipotle and I'm glad to meet it. At this location the food is hot, fresh and delicious as promised, the rice isn't hard/crusty, the chicken was hot and tender I have recommended this one to five people already three have went and enjoyed themselves. Their food was good also.

Mary w.

This place has changed filthy dirty slow service rude workers no thanks ! Lines out the door and no one cleans up inside the restaurant trash all over floor. Gross

Bernabi Delano

This restaurant is the one I like best. I eat in plenty of restaurants but here I keep coming back again and again. The stuff is very affectionate and the cooking they serve is so fresh and tasty. I never miss an opportunity to have a decent meal here. I highly recommend this place.

stephanie zeck

from great to awful in 18 months.this location was our go-to for a fast and fresh dinner, but our visit last night was a disaster.of course there’s a line, no big deal, i’m happy to wait, but by the time it was my turn, i should have left because the food, the containers and the staff were an overworked mess - they weren’t stocked with fresh beans, cauliflower rice or lettuce : they actually scraped the bottom of the third pan for the dregs of brown, watery lettuce.and since when does chipotle use boil bags to cook their food?!they had to hold up the customer line to get cauliflower rice from the take out prep station. one person on the line making bowls and burritos with no backup and no fresh food to serve customers at 5pm in cherry hill is an abuse of workers by management.


ALWAYS CHECK FOOD before you pick it up!! Ordered online? Check it near the table inside the store. sometimes they can accidentally mess up your order, they did so to me and i didnt check till i got home so i paye d extra for no reason. Usually its always right the order, but now i check inside the store before i leave. They are busy so it okay i undertand if the workers maybe read it wrong, or forgot, its not their fault they get like hundreds of orders covid life isn't easy.

Angelo DeCasanova

Hi I was picking up an online order here and after patently waiting for 25 minutes for it, I decided to try to get the attention one of your worker and instead of asking me what my question was or what i needed, she told to me to back off, it was so disrespectful of her and I'm very disappointed by the service. The worker was thin shape with blonde hair, she was handling the online serving area ,this occurred 7:50pm 5/21/2021.

Owen Barrett

If there was a 0 star feature on this review platform, I sure as heck would access it for this restaurant location. The customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced in my life. The other day, I scheduled to pick up a burrito by 5:20 PM, and it was ready at 5:40 PM WITH BARELY ANYONE ELSE WAITING FOR ONLINE ORDERS. Because of this, and their lack of pace and organization, another order in my car spoiled. This is not the first time this happened to me, but it will be THE LAST TIME I spend money at this location. Totally despicable, disgraceful, and unacceptable.

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