Shake Shack

795 Haddonfield Rd, Cherry Hill
(856) 382-9870

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lawrence kimley

busy but able to get my burgers within 15 minutes

Jerry Thomas

Food is decent and the fries are good. The portobello burger is my go to. The shakes are just me, nothing special. You'd think they'd be spectacular at a place with that in the name. Also, the prices are very steep. 3 stars for those reasons.

Rasheed Bennett

Very nice very clean, they have a ordering Kiosk which is very nice and the outdoor dining has umbrellas to protect you from the sun. Food is always fresh and on point!

Pretrice Walker

ordered this expensive food to get home and see they decided to cover my food in cheese instead of putting it on the side. needless to say I wasted 5 bucks because now I can't put my fries in the air fryer and warm them up. not sure what's the issue at this location but everyone looks miserable and it shows

Emily Davis

Even though they were backed up, they made sure that everything was done correctly and within a reasonable time. The staff was great and food is delicious.

Bryan Satchell

Nice little burger with the house sauce on the side. Chocolate milkshake was great.

Juhkwayveontsvious S.

Got the burger I saw the patty you know yeah I said I don't have a scribe it with another word for it and I thought protruding from yes the rapper is the hindering it was it was enough to go in and a hurdle to get to that delicious shack yes yeah and you know I've been into the first time and it tasted like a burger but I had to go further and as I progress I saw the shack saw a sign behind my tomato and my lettuce and I was like I'm gonna eat that shack sauce so I came I went from the bottom to the top like Lotte and I got laid.

Dustin A.

First time ever having Shake Shack. Let's start with the good: The BEST fast food burger we have ever had. It is definitely over priced compared to its competitors like five guys, Culver's, steak and shake, but flavor wise it is definitely better. The bad: The fries are not very good at all. They are bland and are crazy over priced. $3 for a small little basket when $5 at five guys gets you literally 6x as much or more. The shakes were crazy thin. Almost like drinking flavored milk. They weren't ice cream at all, and at $5 a piece they were the biggest disappointment (especially since the place has shake in its name). If we went back all 6 of us agreed we would get burgers here but go anywhere else for dessert and a snack if needed instead of the fries or shakes here.

Miosha Lawrence

the burger was extremely greasy. it didn’t taste any different than mcdonalds

Hungr Y.

This place used to be good but it has gone down hill in recent months. Look at these burnt burgers. I wanted a simple dinner after a day of work. I have been a regular customer and not anymore after tonight.

Carol Diehl

Burger was very good its freestyle not the usual round Patty. The fries were very good too .

Jay Smith

The reason that I like this place is consistency. It's not the best burger in the world, but it's really good and it tastes the same way it tasted years ago, which is why I like it. The cheese fries are excellent and the custard is tasty too. A consistently great burger place. Thank you!

Len Orzechowski

Love their food. Little pricey but worth it from time to time. Staff at this place cation was super friendly.Burgers and Chicken ?

Inyen Tang

Ordered online and pickup in store. So just want to ask, anyone see avocado here? I did pay for add avocado here. Where should I get my avocado money back?

Max Aronow

My fries were so terrible today, not what I usually come to expect from shake shack. Burger and service was good. More expensive than other area burger places

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