Short Hills

486 Evesham Rd, Cherry Hill
(856) 429-6900

Recent Reviews

Leonard Schwartz

This place is no better for breakfast than for lunch and dinner. It survives on local seniors that are only too happy to get out and are not too concerned about the quality or taste of food.

Earl Gresham

Don't really remember what I had but I know it was good

Todd Rowand

Their blintzes are incredible. They were sooo soft, fresh and sweet! I wish their potato pancakes had more spice. I'm grateful that they take their coffee seriously here. I personally think that The Kibitz Room has better potato pancakes and fries.

robert wilson

Solid New Jersey diner, large menu. There's an attached deli as well as Classic Cake Company doing a pop-up store during some times.

Richard Msshbitz

Still the place to go in Cherry Hill area. Great food and clean.

Anna Lam

Poor service, and bad bad food!!! I wouldn’t come back here again. The server brought these turkey sausage to the table and made up an excuses like, “ it just popped when the cook put these to the fryer, it’s good”. The home fries just salty.

Circecar Goddess

I didn't take any pictures. But I can definitely say is that food was really good and customer service was above and beyond. Since I got there they were really polite. I give you guys my best recommendations.

Sonja Twitchell

Server came to table to take order, bring order, and bring check. Pickle bar was NOTHING like I expected. Some of the servers were a bit short with each other. Burger was not cooked the way I asked.

Beth suckiel

The food was as good as usual. The menu is pared down, but the favorites have been retained. The prices have gone up again, but that is an unfortunate result of the shut down. Still love this place and will continue to eat there.

Danielle G.

Customer service was awful today! I fully understand that there is a staffing shortage in the industry but this was beyond what is acceptable. We were waiting with 5 small kids and there was no sense that anyone was coming to help us anytime soon. No one acknowledged us. After we sought them out, they said they'd be with us in "a minute". Of course, that turned out to be false. I looked through the window while staff members stood there and watched me clean our own table and get our own high chair ready. When I said something, I was met with a horrible, rude attitude. Needless to say, we did not stay and we will not be returning for quite some time.

Leo Pelletier

Meet here with some friends and had a great time. The food was delicious with generous portions for all. Would definitely recommend.

Greg L.

This was one of my favorite places to go until yesterday. The Website says open till 9 The Door says open till 7 After Driving an hour to get there at At 6:40 we were told , last seating at 6:30 Even though I love the food, I won't be back , I've been going there for 20 years :( Close whenever you want , just change your posts and websites, so I don't waste 2 hours of my time

Heather B.

We ordered 155 meal kits for an event in our community. The food was delivered on time and was delicious! Everybody raved about it. Michael was wonderful. We would definitely order again. Thank you so much!

Hara Carney

Like the food. The matzoh ball soup is wonderful, just wish the bowls were bigger ?

Mango and August Inc

Mike the owner/chef is offering a 5 star experience in every way! Fresh ingredients with expert preparation, quick service , decadent French toast , super fresh lox are just some of the delicacies !!! Ty Mike it was nice meeting you today! Marisa

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