Boston Market

471 Central Ave, East Orange
(973) 678-1616

Recent Reviews

Chimera Harris

I placed a order on Grubhub under restaurant named “Rotisserie Roast” just to become aware that it is actually Boston Market located at 471 Central Avenue. I am utterly upset for the false advertisement. They think because they have “crafted by Boston Market” in tiny letters on the restaurant picture justifies them lying about the restaurant. This location has bad reviews and I have had two bad experiences with this location. The Mac & Cheese was not tasty but the rice & chicken was pretty decent.

Derrick Headen

The vegetables were half done and the chicken was also half done. The service was good. I got to my destination and realized the food wasn't all the way cooked. Me and my guest both didn't like it and had to throw it out.

kevin boykins

Didn't feel comfortable. Was out of certain things in the afternoon

Desiree Linton-Dudley

This Boston Market has a drive through. I ordered pick up through dishwasher. No issues with my order.

#DjOyea Tv

I love the food there thanks for the reply you guys are amazing ill deff be back again. subscribe to my youtube channel #djoyeaT.v

tanisha frye

Clean place, low on staff...female manager very rude and was training a young lady the incorrect way....she had her all over place looking lost making incomplete orders while she only focused on the drive thru orders. they had an experienced nice cashier but she had to leave due to her shift short I spent over 25 to 30 mins there just for my order to be complete...And I was the 1st person in line...the meatloaf and chicken taste fake but the sides were good and the turkey tasted good too

Mrs. Robinson

Food was good but they didn't have a lot of what I wanted.

Em Dee

Great food. Love the Yams n Mac n cheese

Barbara McLoughlin

I ordered the prime rib and it was very good. The mash potatoes and the corn bread was very good. Also the chocolate cake was great - I plan on ordering the prime rib again

Carry Leggett

As I waited for my food I watched the staff place unpurchased/picked-up food being placed back into the mix of the other “fresh” food. I spoke with the manager who came from the back of the store cell phone in hand. Working in the food industry myself I know that food serve certification and food handling training would deem this highly inappropriate. This makes me question how frequently this behavior is practiced. In addition the staff has their Apple AirPods in their ears (1) so that they can still hear the orders. This is unacceptable and I hope that this facility gets fined. I will be contacting corporate and filing a complaint.

Davil Brightman

The food wasn't that fresh at this location tasted like leftovers ?

Carmelo Arocho

An all time favorite of mine..Good Food at Great Prices...Keep up. The Good Work

Nikki Roberts

None of the employees wore hair nets while handling food. How is that hygienic. They need to be retrained. Corporate needs to do drop in visits. I canceled my order.

Lauren Russell

I just left this Boston Market and service was severely slow. At first I was in the drive thru and It was backed up then I come inside and I saw why. All the ladies in there were young and moving slow. They were more worried about the male customers than the female ones. Next time have a better staff for a busy Friday night

Me'Cal Hashim Shabazz

Boston Market is always a good go to when you want a real meal. Food is fresh and hot, and there deserts are tasty, I recommend this place.

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