Domino's Pizza

954 Parkway Ave, Ewing
(609) 883-1000

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Maira Fergus

Had to wait so long and the pizza was cold don't get me wrong I love dominos but that day I was disappointed with the pizza,and the delivery ,I order alot so they should make sure I'm happy too.

Greg Ludwig

I tried to use my rewards points to redeem my free pizza but it won't let me do it unless I put in this verification code but the code never comes to my email. I called the store and contacted corporate. Both of them refused to do anything to help me. You shouldn't have a rewards program if you're not going to honor it!

carmen rodriguez

OMG. the place very dirty the employees without masks, preparing the food without gloves, answering the phones and preparing the food, the trays to prepare the tread on the floor and flies. The health department must visit and close the place

Yaya Sarhan

They’re good , I am surprised they have low reviews. I have been ordering from them for months now and I cannot complain ?

Joseph Moreland

I really wanted to post the pictures of the thin crust burned pizza and burned Alfredo vegetable pasta, i will post them once I can. I usually open the boxes and check, but I been coming here since it open and now for the last few months they been off and on. Now I will say, I am no longer getting food from Ewing Domino’s… Pasta was burned with a whole lot of onions and to top it off it looks like the food was Flip to wear them burn pastor was in the military container. Thin crust was burned completely around the outside of the pie… All I can say is do better, but I am never returning…


They really might as well close this location down. They are in need of some serious training or something. Every chance I give them they disappoint. First of all, most of the employees pick up the phone like they’re picking up their personal cell phone . “Hello” and that’s it. they always forget your sauce . Always . Thirdly, the pizza is disgusting. The crust is always crumbly and falls apart as soon as you pick up a slice. Pizza is barely cut . I had to recut it when it arrived . Not only did I have to recut , I had to reheat everything . There was no sauce on my wings. You would have thought I asked them for dry wings . Whew. It’s just too trash. Never ordering again!

Amber Patterson

If I could give this place no stars I would...still currently waiting on my order and they are refusing to answer the phone. I'm calling corporate and they ain't got to worry about me ever placing another order. My kids went to sleep waiting for this order. And I was told almost 2 hrs ago my pizza was out for delivery. My order came out the oven at 9:10. It's damn near 12:00

Tonya Daves

Only Order here because its closer to my house even then they take 3 hours to deliver my food. I ordered at 6 it arrives at 930 . not to mention its ice cold so cold its falling apart didnt even want 1 slice out of the box. I call back theyre upset with me lol how is that than tells me ill bring new pizza and never comes. Dominoes my favorite pizza but this place is a mess , lil ratchets .

Rommel Romero

Currently standing here ordered for delivery quick to take money from my bank account and delivery fee s now ive been waiting for over 1hr 30 min and now they told me I still have to wait another 20 min someone please close this place down or hire better help and management making all dominos look so bad shame ?

Alleah C

TRASSHHHH. Poor Presentation. Dry cold Bread sticks. Missing 3 Sauce dipping cups!!!. And pizza was wrong! I give this place so many chances and I tip well too!!!

Tonya Singleton

Horrible customer service. Location does not answer phone. Order always wrong. On two occasions waited over two hours for a delivery. How is this acceptable ? Cant even get through to corporate to report this location.

Raheem Biddle

Bad service cancelled my order a hour after it was placed called 6 times and they kept hanging up or wouldn't answer i have proof for all of this also i orderd earlier today and they burnt my food never getting food from them again. I work for shake shack feel free to get some real food we wont burn it or hang up on you

Rohan Shirodkar

If you are ordering for the first time, read the reviews. The quality has degraded over the years. This particular branch is failing in maintaining the quality.If this is the only option you have then and only then order something, else go to taco bell.

Eric Andrews

My 1st and last time going to Domino's. I ordered by phone for pick up @ 8:30pm( Bring it out to the car ). After sitting in the car until 8:45 decided to go in, they was backed all the way up with several ppl inside waiting. Not sure because it was a Saturday night. Asked about my order it seemed like they didn't start the order yet. One of the workers gave me a soda I guess to make up for the long weight. He then told me a few more minutes. I could see he and the rest of the staff was having a bad evening so I just smiled abd said no problem I'll be in the car. 9:05 here comes a young man with my order he apologized for the delay. Got home and one of the pizzas had went flat in the middle.

Eryyn Sommers

So we order regularly from domino’s & due to a recent move this is our new location. 1st time we got burnt crust, but they were willing to remake even though it was starting to get busy. The 3 women working there Sunday night @5pm were great! Prepping and keeping everything so clean! Thanks ladies!

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