Pizza Hut

1980 N Olden Ave Suite H, Ewing
(609) 883-4881

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quanisha butler

I ordered my food at 5:56 pm the app stated 25-35 minutes overall time frame. I didn’t hear from anyone at Pizza Hut in Ewing, NJ in regards to my order an hour later at 7:55 pm I reached out asking for an update they told me the delivery guy had other stops to make. The communication wasn’t effective at all. To top it off the location was right around the corner from my residence in Ewing, NJ literally five minutes away. I could’ve picked my food up on my own if they communicated with me that my food was going to be a hour and thirty minutes at 8:30 the deliver guy showed up and my food was cold. I will never order delivery from them ever again.

cortney frank

I ordered 3 items. 2 were delivered. Called the location and was kicked out to a call center across the country. Twice I called and twice the call center redirected me back to the restaurant. The restaurant hung up on me both times. My husband drove out there for a replacement order/refund. The manager tried to scam my husband with a refund receipt that literally had REPRINT OF SALE across the top. He called him out, then the manager actually processed the refund. Avoid the Ewing location at all costs. Furious.

Little Ben

The staff are very customer friendly and produce a consistent quality product.

Kim Minter

I placed an order for the Detroit pizza and an order of lemon pepper bone-in chicken wings. The pizza arrived super cold, the cheese and sauce spilled off the pizza and onto the box. The wings I received were boneless, and super dried out. I called the store to ask for a refund or for them to remake my order but received the call center instead. I explained my issue to them and the operator transferred me to the store so I can speak to them. I was on hold for 17 minutes before hanging up. I ended up throwing the food away and still had to figure out what I was gonna feed me family for dinner. I even tipped the delivery driver very well. I will NEVER refer this store to anyone. VERY POOR customer service and even worse food.

Monae Moe

Ordered my food at 8:00 pm it’s now 9:38 & nobody is answering smh never again , idk if my food is even being delivered( Update , ) somebody answered and put me on hold so now I have to call again tomorrow and refund my money back to my card !!!! Now the store is saying it’s closed smh it’s all gudd imma get my 25 dollars n some change back !!!

Phyllis Jeffery

I have to say that Keith at the North Olden Avenue Pizza Hut in Ewing nj is the most courteous, kind and friendly and on top of all service representative skills are above and beyond. Additionally one day my son and I came in and he purchased Cinnamon Buns and gave them to us with our order. I can't say enough about what a good person he always is and, working as a Personnel Assistant for the NJ Attorney Generals Office for 20 years, his expertise is exceptional. I believe he said he's been there since 2014, and if he was an employee of mine I would definitely give him a promotion. Thank you so much to Keith for everything as always ???

Sonja Adams

When I placed my order, it said I will receive my order by 7:05 pm. They sent me a text to let me know, I would not be receiving my order in 30 minutes, instead it took 1 hour to get my order. I customized my order and wanted the Garlic Buttery flavor in my crust but, I did not get it. The pizza was over cooked and dry. I ordered the 4 piece garlic bread and I only got 3 pieces, and there was no garlic flavor in the garlic bread either, and it was burnt and over cooked hard and the marinara sauce was cold. I will never order from this restaurant again!!!!

Marcy Davis

When I got my food home looked like some played with it. The whole pizza was separated in the box. I never saw anything like that in my life. When you order a pizza it whole still together and cut. Not in a box and every slice is pulled apart look like they put each slice in the box one at a time. What the hell you playing with peoples food. Maybe you need to be doing retraining or something. But not a good experience.


This place is okay. Not the best, but okay even though it's the only Pizza Hut in Ewing that I know of. I ordered a pepperoni pizza for the first time and it didn't have much pepperoni on the pizza. It was like one or two pepperoni on each pizza. The second time I ordered pepperoni pizza, I requested extra pepperoni and there was a lot of pepperoni on each pizza. The third time I ordered the same meal with extra pepperoni, there was hardly any pepperoni. I even gave tips during my online order before I received my pizza. I was trying to show my appreciation for having them make my pizza. I don't like giving tips before I eat something. I should be giving tips after I eat something. Now I am not sure if I should give a tip again because my pizza is sometimes not accurate when it comes to pepperoni pizza due to providing little pepperoni. So, I am giving this restaurant 3 stars. Until there is a slight improvement then I will give it 4 stars or more. Even so, it's still a good restaurant to order pizza from Pizza Hut.

Jackie Delgado

How can you hire someone with poor education and horrible customer service?I will NEVER do business with this place again!Food was ordered at 447 and not delivered until 615!The pizza was cold!Do not spend your money at this location

Kimberly Cabreja

i placed my order at 9:30 did not receive my order until 11:50 cold and dry !! horrible just a waste of money.. pizza hut on 1980 n olden ave ,ewing nj

Mariea Anoyanakis

I placed an order online at 7:53pm on 5-31-21 (memorial day). After an hour of not receiving an update either via tx or email, i decided to call & inquire about my current order!!Well the gentlemen was very rude & claimed he didn't have an order under my phn # & i offered to give him the order # that was sent via tx & he consistently repeated he cant help me & would not even listen to the order #!!! I was very upset because it was our dinner!!

Arnissa M. Walker

I just recently ordered from them the service on the phone was okay but when my order came the wings were very very cold and very very hard the best thing out of my order the cheese bread was fresh and this is the second time they forgot my two little bottle of soda so for this Pizza Hut ????

David Banovetz

Charged my card and delivered over an hour late. Everything was not cooked. Even found a fingernail. Definitely forwarded to the health department...go someplace else.

mehul patel

Ordered Stuffed crust Pizza. wasn't baked well, was undercooked, smelled like dough, and tasted doughy. It wasn't cut/sliced properly.

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