957 NJ-33, Hamilton Square
(609) 890-2410

Recent Reviews

Rupesh Trivedi

Good healthy salad

Heather Dotson

Terrible management and terrible service. Places blame on websites rather than slow moving employees. Also refuses to give immediate refunds back. Says he will refund funds at his earliest convenience… terrible!

Lauren Bleich

Very fresh and delicious food!

Ms R. Dee

Incompetent shxt hole of a place. They mess up orders every single time. Run out of ingredients. No customer service. The male who answers the phone is an important jerk. Unprofessional. Should be shut down. Pathetic location. Such a shame as every other salad works is much better

Terry Davis

Best salad I have ever had. Great choices and variety. Love this place.

Nas Greene

First and foremost, I love Saladworks but I refuse to ever visit this location again. I ordered a grilled chicken Caesar salad. I didn’t receive any dressing, I went back into the store and let them know I didn’t receive any dressing and was told that it would be 99cents! Since when do you order a grilled chicken CAESAR salad with NO CAESAR dressing. I go back to the car and my fiancé had ordered a buffalo chicken wrap, even the receipt says that, why was he given a Buffalo chicken SALAD ! Simple directions can’t even be followed at this establishment

Katey Olivia Smyth

Forgot to ring us up for something and then proceeded to give us lots of attitude for their mistake and us waiting for the second part of our order at the counter

Alvy Beatz

I went to buy two grilled chicken salads and no chicken in my salad. They guy behind the counter was in such a rush with only one person behind me and i did not noticed until I got home. I even got charged extra for the little bit of Cucumber they put on it. I can careless for paying extra but not putting chicken in my salad come on!! Get it together!!!

Vikki D.

Do the toppings come out of the employees pay? It's expensive for these salads. You guys can do better. I was so excited to eat after my workout. This is the first time I finished the entire salad and needed more food.


It is a gamble every time I order from this place. A gamble to see if they put dressings on the side of the wrap or even getting the dressing in the wrap period. Wrong orders, missing orders, extremely late orders. I deal with this almost every time I order from this place and I honestly just don’t understand why. Good food but I’m very concerned with the staff there

Alex Saliba

Some of the employees are so bad, I have to repeat my self like 3-5 times for each request. They don’t listen, so they always messing up my order. I asked for half pasta and half croutons and then the girlTried going back to take 5 pieces of lettuce from my plate when I was already paying extra for more lettuce - Why is that necessary ? So cheap, but the worst thing is she didn’t listen at all. I couldn’t tell if she was ignoring me or just didn’t speak English.

Limi L.

I came to this spot after a workout. This is my first time trying Saladworks and I was excited to see what they offer. This place has a good selection of salads and you can also make your own. I ordered the mandarin chicken salad which has cranberries, carrots, mandarin oranges, crispy noodles, and chicken with a side of the Asian sesame dressing. I love every topping on the salad and the lettuce was fresh. I really enjoyed the salad and the portion size was good too. I also ordered the chicken noodle soup which was pretty good as well. They also gave a warm bread on the side for the order. I got the wheat. It was nice, warm, and delicious.

Noel Medina

This place make some of the best salads. Always fresh and the staff are aways friendly. Give them a try!

Ava B

They have great salads, topping choices, and a kind staff that helps you at any cost. ???

Christine D.

It tasted great just like all the other Saladworks but my wrap completely fell apart the second I picked it up. Staff was friendly and the tables were clean. Lots of windows to the parking lot to add interest.

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