Buen Provecho Restaurant & Café

1701 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton
(609) 981-7700

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Lisa Wilson

food was simply awesome. we ordered, shrimp bowl, shrimp mofongo, 2 pernil bowls, empanadas, surtido boricua 3 pina coladas.. definitely going back!

Sharon Calixto

First time visiting and I was pleased with their food. Excellent taste, good portions, and great dessert. Make sure to make reservations before you go. Gets croweded.

Jacqueline Laven

Food is OUTSTANDING every single time. I also used their catering services for my daughter’s graduation and everyone was raving about it. I HIGHLY recommend Buen Provecho! ❤️

Arlene Colon

The food was awesome!! Waitress was very attentive and pleasant! Great atmosphere. definitely will go back.

abigail rivera

Great service delicious authentic Puerto Rican food

Sean Radcliffe

Authentic, inspired Puerto Rican cuisine. The CEVICHE DE CAMARONES, (Shrimp Ceviche with Plantain Crisps Ceviche con Tostones) had a great amount of Shrimp. Great fried plantains.

Heizel Cortez

Got catering from this place a few time and food is excellent, one of my favorite places in Merced county.

Carmen Soto

Excellent Food, the taste is the one our I was looking for a puertorrican food. The waitress was attentive, great service. God Bless

Damarys Hernández

I like the food, very good, fresh nice and hot, but the server we got, was talking about her problems, her life etc.I really don’t mind listening but when I go to a restaurant with my husband I like to relax and enjoy food, not to be a therapist, not trying to sound rude but it’s the truth…

Happy Girl

I used to go here all the time for lunch and the food is great. I’ve been calling at lunchtime to see if they are open for dining but no answer. I thought their business may not have survived the pandemic because no one answers the phone when I call but I see from reviews they made it. So happy! Please answer your phones at lunch so I can order from you. I miss your delicious lunches. Also do you guys still do dine in?

Jamie J.

It was the absolute worst experience. I made a reservation before we went there, but the table was not ready. A table of people was loud. Ok, it's not the restaurant's fault. But annoying. A waitress came gave us a digital menu. She was not happy to be there or to serve us. We didn't get our appetizer 45 minutes later, and when I asked, she said food takes long because all the food is prepared from scratch takes time. When my appetizer came, it was greasy, soggy, and salty. It was too salty that my tongue was hurting. I had to send it back. When I didn't get my main dish after an hour, I was going to walk out. Other tables who came after us got their food and the waitress was very nice to them. She introduced herself to other tables and smiling. WTF? My friend told me two minutes before we walk out. I set a timer for two minutes. When she came out with our food, the timer went off. Again, the whole red snapper was over cooked. The shrimps were salty. It was just done wrong. We were at this restaurant a few years ago, and we were happy to return. The food could be delicious if it were done right. Over frying a whole fish? And she kept on saying that it what they do--cooking from scratch. Either the other people know which doesn't take long to cook or cut in a line to cook different food first. I have never known frying a whole fish takes an hour. Don't go to this place unless you speak Spanish. If you do, servers smile at you, introduce themselves, and explain it to you. We wouldn't go back. Don't go there if you are sensitive to salt. You should go if you love salty food. As we were leaving, my mouth was in pain with too much salt. Ugh!

victoria alongi

First things first...it's SO clean!!! I cannot stress how important cleanliness is to me, and Buen Provecho definitely passed the test! The food was fresh, traditional, and excellent. Most importantly, I recommend the tres leches cake for dessert. ? best in the area for sure. I'm definitely going back in the near future!

Trishia Nadine

I recommend making a reservation before dining here. We didn't and while they still accomodated us, we were seating right at the entrance where people pick up their to-go orders and where they make their drinks. So it got a bit loud when the blender was in use and we didn't get the chance to experience the main dining area. The server we had, Alejandro was very nice and very attentive! The food we got was great, and as we sat there we heard a bunch of people who came in to pick up their orders say how much they enjoyed the food there. I really liked their empanadas and fried yuca. Loved their tres leches! If I lived closer I would go here often.

Suki Mulero

Yes! It is very good... I traveled about an hour and a half to try it for the first time. It was definitely worth it. Staff was friendly and great service. I recommend it and I will go back another time.


Authentic food, it's a taste of Puerto Rico..?

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Buen Provecho Restaurant & Café

1701 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton, NJ 08619
(609) 981-7700