Gaetano's Cheesesteaks

1280 NJ-33, Hamilton Square
(609) 588-8111

Recent Reviews


Huge portions and great food!!! You won't be disappointed!

Throwaway One

Never been to your restaurant. But as a hospitality professional and dealing with all the entitled idiots during Covid, your responses are straight fire. Thank you for saying what we wish we could . . .keep up the good work!

Siddharth Bhayana

Man! I live in India and haven't been to your place, ever. Heck, I'm a vegetarian! Even still, your responses to the one-star reviewers are awesome, dude! I found out about you in some Reddit thread, today, and then ended up spending some odd 20-30 minutes reading your responses. Way to go! :D

Gary Mack

The Best Cheesesteak sandwich I have ever had. Great Service and Great Food. Large portions. You have to give them a try.

Jason Hennelly

Always hits the spot. I work in the area and get Gaetanos anytime I need my cheese-steak needs fulfilled. You won’t find any better unless you’re in Philly and even then, it’ll be tough.

ccon c

food is really nice and comes at good price ! Most delicious cheesesteaks I've had in a long time keep it up :)

Chae Chong

Monday night, we, boys, go out to eat cheesesteak at the Meatheadz, our favorite cheesesteak joint. But it closed tonight, and we had to find an alternate and ended up here. The place is completely dead. We ordered three mini cheesesteaks, onion rings, and two sodas. Cost me 50 dollars and tip 6 dollars—what a rip-off. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE.

Elizabeth Fauntleroy-Hughley

The cheese steak was thrown together. Not very tasty. Fried onions was Chopped in hunks. Not worth me spending $17.00

Glen Corpus

The flavor of the steak is just another level the palce is awesome and the restroom is very clean the customer service was so professional congratulations keep going

Charlie Thompson Jr.

Biggest Cheesesteak I've ever had. Plenty of steak & good soft roll. HOMETIME EATS !!!! NEW JERSEY BABY...?

Alexander Sperling

Bread was delicious, the meat was excellent. Only issue was not enough cheese. Plenty of other toppings, but I like a cheesier sandwich

Gerri Hoffman

My 1st time at Gaetano's. I was greeted as soon as I entered. I ordered 2 cheesesteaks to go. They were ready in 5 minutes or less !! Absolutely delicious !! I will go back for sure !!

Devon Hippeli

Loved this place - The staff is personable. The food is delicious and it was the best cheesesteak I ever had! We enjoyed the experience and can't wait to go back!

Ryguag Koban

One of the best cheesesteaks I've had in a while. Great service and food was excellent. Fries were delicious and wife enjoyed the chicken sandwich very much. Looking forward to having them cater for my son's birthday party.

HeIs MellowD

The food is good. Definitely a good cheesesteak. But this one star review is because the owner Bill is a d***head who believes people sharing their personal experiences in his shop is him being bullied. Not realizing him being the owner of the shop, “clapping back” at negative reviews is the real bully like act. It’s giving “i don’t care how my customers feel, give me your money and leave my establishment.” Constructive criticism is a real thing, and if people are constantly calling you rude, it’s 9/10 some validity there. Take some accountability and go through some customer service classes or some sensitivity training. It’ll help you out way more in the long run.

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