Moe's Southwest Grill

1309 NJ-33, Hamilton Square
(609) 584-9600

Recent Reviews

Steve S

First and last time experience. Called in my order because the website wouldn’t let me pay with a gift card. First of all, it was very difficult to place the order because I couldn’t understand what the person was saying. I arrive to pick up my order and stand there for 30 minutes while everyone else got their pickup orders. The lady who answered the phone comes and asks for my name and then says my order is coming up. 10 minutes later another employee asks my name and then tells me she doesn’t have an order with my name. The first lady then proceeds to tell the 2nd what I ordered because she never wrote the order down. You can tell the 2nd chic was frustrated with her. They never prepared my order. I walked out.I’m almost glad this happened because during my 40 minutes of standing there for no reason I watched one employee handle food, money and a cleaning rag all with the same gloves. The unprofessional lady who took my order was also arguing with the other employees and talking over all of the food they were preparing with her mask pulled under her chin.When they change out the salsa bowls they don’t even use clean bowls. They just dump more on top of what’s left that’s been out all day and the dried crusty salsa is still around the bowl. Gross.

Nick Fratticcioli

Great fresh food. Polite staff, quiet dining area with easy online ordering. Proves steep but it is fresh good food!

Danielle Michaelis-Burch

So we ordered on ubereats one homewrecker and one homewrecker bowl we also got two cokes. The driver didn’t take no time to get here. But when we opened our food they were both ice cold. I don’t know why. I asked ubereats for a refund or credit of the .$46 that I spent. They said that I need to address it with Moes. Well here I am. Our food was ice cold. Wasn’t the same heating it up in the microwave.

Jessica Henderson

The place has no heating. First time I came, I thought it was just me, but now that I’ve come for the second time, I realized that there’s no heating. It was too cold.

Ibram Hanna

Went in before closing everyone was nice and fast, except for the one guy yelling and screaming at everyone (dude if you’re reading this, sometimes people earn the right to get yelled at but you need to be the bigger person because they definitely don’t deserve to have a bad day at work because of you)

Ignacio Aparicio

You guys have to watch the salt on the chips dammm chips were so salty I had to throw them away. The queso was good but had to buy chips somewhere else.

Fabian Rojas

This place is awesome! Anthony & Doug run this place like a well oiled machine. Friendly guys who always remember their customers & what their customers like to order. The rest of the staff are really great as well. You cannot go wrong at this location. Stop by and enjoy not only a great meal but also great customer service every single time.

Ben Perl

Touted as a gold star clean facility but the host refused to wear a mask when we checked in to the unit. Host then offered us leftover things from previous guests to further break safety protocol. As we left to find other lodging arrangements we were subjected to the sounds of a seemingly violent domestic dispute between the host and their partner. 100 percent you should not stay at this place.

Trenton's Messenger

Seem to always be friendly & polite. Portion & size of burrito is fulfilling yet satisfying. Delicious so far each time I visit

Ant S

Good old Moe's didn't know one was so close food was still good after 25 min drive it's moes don't think I've had a bad experience across the country

JC Gonzalez

You can tell the employees work very hard as the manager/ owner was overseeing the entire operation. Places like that remind me that some cultures should not own franchises. They should stick to hotel / motels. Any how, food was good when I asked for extra meat it was measured to the t and even the greens vegetables were not over done.. but the workers there made up for it. Young guys and girls smiling and just trying to make the best. Might stop by again just to try it once more.

Venkata Vamsi EMANI

Never coming back. visited twice and told them too that the rice is only half cooked. 15 mins from this place, u have a best moes at Costco, best place to eat moes food..!

Sam Shields

No frills place for quick bite to eat. Homewrecker is the business.

Daniella Gurovich

I came to this restaurant to try out the famous Stack. It definitely did not disappoint. All of the ingredients tasted very fresh and there was a lot of variety. I really liked the different choices of salsa available at the salsa bar as well, however, they all tasted very watered down, like they were sitting out all day. Even the spiciest salsa had no flavor.The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They looked happy to serve us and let us stay a little after closing to finish our food. Overall, it was a great experience.

Kevin Trayner2

My takeout was not ready at time stated. I waited an additional 20 minutes, only to find that my food had been sitting there probably 10 minutes. The young lady finally asked me if I was waiting for pickup and the name. Which I gave her when I came in.

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