1081 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd, Hamilton
(609) 585-5588

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nadia fireall

Poor customer service I asked for something to be heated up she told me it couldn’t I told her the other Starbucks do when did this start. she then cut me off and asked me was there anything else that I wanted very rudely

David Balascak

Service was fast and pleasant but seating is tight. They need to make the outdoor seating better. The music was a bit loud and typical boring millennial fluff.

Emily Beamish

I’ve never waited an extra 10 minutes after my expected pick up time for my drink to not even be started! The barista slowly did my drink while a sat there waiting inside for already 10 minutes. My job is 5 minutes down the road from this Starbucks and ive had my drink take an extra 10 minutes to make even on their busiest days. I am now late due to the efficiency and tardiness of my expected mobile pick up.

Victoria Stenz

The coffee that received was not made right and the customer service slash drive-thru was horrible especially an African American girl

Janice Miller

Love me some Starbucks. SAD that this location closes at 1pm. It misses the afternoon pick me up of coffee and snacks for kid's. Staff is friendly store is clean.

Bmxers Ride life

The workers are really bad, i got vanilla-scones and there was no icing on top so we asked for new ones and the girl working rolled her eyes. Horrible place will never go to this starbucks again.

babii kohai

If I could out 0 stars I would. I placed an order through the app because half the time the person taking my order can't hear me or just messes it up completely. I customize the order and sub coconut milk because I like the taste not due to an allergy and make sure whip cream is on there as it should be on frapps. But as I pull to the window to get my drinks, they all have no whip cream. I'm not going to bother the guy at the window cause the line was long enough and I don't like being that person to hold up a line. If I placed an order through the app a specific way please follow through and don't assume, if you aren't sure just ask. It wasn't complicated, just sub coconut milk, that's all. Let's get it together and read the order line by line please. I don't know if I'll ever return. My orders have been incorrect way too many times.

Golden Girl

I stop every morning for a hot latte... sometimes its perfect but sometimes its horrible (very bitter). There is always a line at the drive thru, they are always training someone new... I believe they have a staffing issue because good employees are hard to find. Never the less Im glad I have a Starbucks near me.

Grace Fernandez

Super pet friendly wonderful and fast service always gets my order right

Jose Rey

Great quick stop for joe.

Aidan B

Luv this place their mock cookie crumble frapechino is the bom

Chelsea S

I was standing in line waiting to order. Employees were talking to each other and were aware that I was in line waiting to get my order taken. When I finally ordered, I had to repeat myself three times. I emphasized that I wanted my drink “hot.” Not only did they give me a cold beverage, the coffee was extremely bitter and tasted disgusting.

alondra marte

love the pineapple match green tea latte ?

victoria smith

Trying new flavors, cold brew with almond milk.

Maria Aguilar de Gonzalez

Second time my caramel frappe is sweetened with cinnamon. If they don't have a product, tell the manager not to sell to save their bonuses.

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