The Simple Greek

957 NJ-33, Hamilton
(609) 890-4976

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D Lee

The meats were overly dry (like yesterday's)/ burnt and the potatoes were burnt. The pita was dry and so was the rice. The hummus is a bit on the bland side.The veggies were really fresh, leafy greens were too. Just wish the meat was as good as the vegetables.

christine riccardi

Horrible. Never ordering again. It was good in the beginning but has gotten worse. Not the first time our order was the lowest quality. Chicken was in slimy pieces and looked like leg cartilage only. Tomatoes were totally soft and mushy. Lettuce was brown and had rotten edges. Even the pita bread was burnt

Philip Stephano

Consistent, tasty, healthful, fast and fairly priced. This is my go-to place for lunch in Hamilton.


Don't bother ordering takeout, they barely fill the containers with food. It's a shame, I'm all about supporting local businesses...

Bruce Scali

Baklava is off-the-charts good. Just popped in for dessert, and will do so again. And again...


What fresh, healthy and delicious food! I love the create-your-own bowls. I feel GOOD after eating here! Tasty spanikopita and baklava too.

MindySue Fry

Delicious food, amazing service, lots of options! Even catering and take home for the whole family! Thanks for a great lunch option!

Marika Fernandez

The food is Really good and the helpis Very accommodating to the customers needs

A James

Great food with great service. Staff is very nice and tgere are a lot of options.

Samia Tahir

A bit on the pricier side but well worth it because the food is amazing, I highly recommend the falafel! ?

Terri Brown

I'm delighted to have found this place! Close to home and terrific Greek flavors!

Richard James

My wife and I are in love with this place. She lost a little over 50 lbs this past year during the pandemic and gives some of the credit to their healthy and delicious food. When they opened back up during the pandemic we were here multiple times a week, sometimes twice in a day. Our eyes were bigger than our pockets those so we had to scale back our visits a bit! The staff is also awesome, but then again that’s what happens when you have a great boss, the owners are great and so friendly! Can’t say enough about how awesome this place is!

Alejandro Cruz

My friend took me here and I really liked it! Everything tastes good, I usually go for the chicken gyro bowl. I’ve been there or ordered take out at least 7 times since. I have had some mixed experiences but I work in the business and I know it’s bound to happen. The chicken was a little dry and burnt one of the times, and another time they forgot my pita when I ordered take-out. Overall, no deal killers, since the other times definitely made up for it. Will continue ordering here.

Nkechi N.

I like the concept...the food was ready fast and most of the dishes were good. It's also a good value given the portions sizes as compared to the cost...the portions were much larger than I thought they would be. But I'm only giving this place 3 stars because the chicken was dry and slightly burnt and the fries were soggy; they looked like they were scooped from the bottom of the frying basket. Also, the baklava wasn't great...tasted as if it was bought at a grocery store.

Jess Cuthbertson

Yummy food my new lunch spot!

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