461 Elm St, Kearny
(201) 991-9819

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Kristin Barbetta Cumiford

Always fantastic food here! John and Heather are always friendly and welcoming and are a terrific team!

Scott B.

Food is EXCELLENT !!! Some things are a little $$$, but most stuff is very reasonable..

Michael Pace

The best Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese! Thanks for remembering my Father!

Jennie B.

[dine in review] taylor ham egg and cheese sandwich - the layered technique is a winner. Sandwich was salty, delicious and filling home fries - full order. MASSIVE. Basically the size of a standard diner plate, more than enough for two people. Couldn't stop eating Service was friendly

Tomas B.

Was in NJ last month visiting as I grew up in Newark not far from where "The Greeks" have their location in Kearny. Reading a variety of publications and #2 Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese sandwich in the state was at "The Greeks" so off we went as #1 was closed on Monday's. Parking on the street (Metered) was easy to find as we head in to the his small NJ type diner with Social Distanced seating. Lucky to score a table in the back more on that later. Greeted by our server and John the owner is behind the counter making everything. Place is a throwback where everyone knows everyone god I miss that feel of home sometimes. From local 1st responders to local regulars than there are regulars who we conversed with who traveled 15 - 20 miles just to have breakfast as they grew up here and still come back. OK On to the food. I had the Taylor Ham egg cheese sandwich and there are THEC sandwiches and then there is Johns. WOW piled high with Taylor ham but layered properly with two eggs and a abundance of cheese. Roll was soft and fresh. We also had an order of hashbrowns / homefries that were delicious. I watched as everything from pancakes, French Toast, and lunch items like the burger that looked outrageous go by. John kept the banter up while diners came and went. Apparently we were sitting in a regulars table and the look was classic like WTF are you doing in my seat LOL. We are both vaccinated so we asked him to join us so he could be next to his friends and the smile was worth price of breakfast. Just a friendly no nonsense great place with superior food, old NJ Feel and comfort level amongst customers that you don't find anywhere. I'll be back!

Geri G.

The best cream of Mushroom soup on the planet! Split pea was my favorite but I'm now a convert to cream of mushroom!

Dth weez

Great Food , Especially The Breakfast Patters ??

Robert M.

Fuckin' Amazing! If you aren't scared of real language and NJ vernacular, this place is absolutely the spot. The food is great, the coffee amazing as well. I can't explain how at home and free the vibe is here if you're not pretentious. John the owner, gives the place a refreshing NJ vibe. I will go out of my way to eat here.

Brian Caine

Lots of great choices. Awesome service. Food was excellent.

Bruce Walker

A great place to enjoy great diner food with a fun atmosphere

A Singleton

I sent my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are tasty and the crew is generous and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we enjoy a pleasant time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Robinette Fadden Bluhme

The food is always just what the doctor ordered and the service, well it’s just simply the best.

Marilyn Molina

Love this place. The food is great. The portions are large. The staff is very friendly. Cash only. Totally worth it.

Dawn Sych

Amazing Food. Pleasant people. LOVE IT. Service was great and excellent PRICES

William Hicks

The best place in New Jersey to eat hands down great staff best homefries and food.

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