Taco Bell

220 Harrison Ave, Kearny
(201) 299-4766

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Henry Kim

It was fine up until I had a hair in my burrito not once but twice, they need to wear some hairnets when making these foods.


One of the slowest Taco bell i been to...

Tricia George

One of the best vegan taco bell experiences I've had!!!

Mathias Z (Akumetsu)

Really fast food, and decently priced if you stay away from the combo's. Most employees are level headed, and the variety of menu options are good, however the recipes regarding said selections are certainly up for debate. Solid

Katiusca Pena

It's ok not bad

Izaak Medina

Drive thru order... Fast & easy very nice people

George “Vathorgis Mord” Horvath

'3 Regular Tacos and a Small Drink'By Vathorgis MordHopped in the other day for a quick bite. Was told to place my order at the kiosk. 3 regular tacos and a small drink... Fantastic.I'm normally very patient, God forgive me, I truly believe I am... If I'm not, then again, God forgive me. But, for that very person, whom I presumed would then fill my order, instead, resume their conversation with a co-worker about something having nothing to do with fulfilling the order for the tired, unloved, middle aged, bus driver, waiting by the kiosk, I left, unfulfilled (about twenty minutes later).If it was going to take so long, or if they were indeed working on it, all they had to do was acknowledge me, and assure me that it would be ready eventually, instead of having me wonder if it would even ever be considered.I honestly don't think it was, because no one seemed to go anywhere near the centrally located structure behind the counter, which looked like it was designed specifically for assembling tacos.Similarly, this centrally-located structure in Kearny, New Jersey has seemingly only been deceptively designed to merely resemble an actual location of the very franchise that has traditionally been known to sell delicious tacos.I chalked my visit up to be just another failed attempt at the only kind of happiness I thought could still be reasonably attainable for someone like me: a taste of simpler times... times when the world wasn't so filled with the apparent confusion that constrains many of us today, (not discluding many in the service industry) and 3 regular tacos and a small drink would be served up in a reasonably acceptable timeframe to all.But, at least for this day, that kind of happiness would remain in the past.I understand that we are all just humans, and as we all work hard, are deserving of consideration when working, because I am, likewise, a hard working human, who sometimes needs a minute to make a call or finish a thought with a fellow hard working human... but, I know when I'm being ignored.It's an unmistakable feeling you get when you find yourself standing at a counter in a near empty restaurant, holding almost an hours' worth of pay, dreaming about the 3 regular tacos and small drink that would never come.Go there if you only want to imagine what the experience of eating delicious tacos might feel like. Then get back in your bus, with your aching back, and wonder, (as you're starving) why the world hates you so much... and why on Earth are you not allowed even the simple pleasure of having just three regular tacos and a small drink. I guess I just don't deserve it...I gave it 3 stars because it seemed very clean at least... I like that.

Marc & Bella

Unlike my local spot, this place always gets our order correct and they are so nice. Love coming to this location.

Jose C.

Horrible services. Order online and the app said the food was ready. Get there 15 minutes and they tell us to wait. Then we waited another 20 minutes. HIRE PEOPLE ASAP OR CLOSE THE PLACE UNTIL YOU GET MORE STAFF.

Ibrahim Ansari

It's an average Taco Bell and the food here is pretty good.

D “Dan” T

Rude manager. Someone gave a woma the wrong order. I saw the lady take the box inside. Mind you I had been there waiting longer. Then two more cars parked and got their order before me. I saw a young girl come out and I asked if my order was ready and if by any chance the order that was returned was the one for me. She asked to see my ticket and she went "ohhh". I said "please make a new one if it is" as she walked back inside the building. 5 minutes later she comes out with my order. A minute later as I Cheked to make sure I got my order. The manager comes out and speaks to me from far away with a horrible attitude. I said excuse me if you can't hear me stop yelling and come a bit closer. A young guy was with her and he walked closer and said she wants you to go this is a reserved spot. I said of course I'm leaving I just got my order a minute ago can I put my seat belt on first? She kept on yelling saying you got to go. I said relax im leaving. As I'm moving out of the lot a big guy comes out and walks towards me very aggressive. First of all, I laughed because whats he going to do. I was out so he looked at me I stared back at him waiting perhaps he had something to say. Extremely rude place I am never coming back here

Edwina G.

Good, but not open for dine in yet.

Richard Castagna

The cashier who helped me she was very polite and patience with me

Vanditha N

The new potato soft taco was yum! A must try! :)

sharon anderson

Had to park and wait for food. Food is always good and hot. Restaurant is clean, workers polite.

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