Applebee's Grill + Bar

3330 US-1, Lawrence
(609) 799-9559

Recent Reviews

Michelle Freeman

Clean establishment, staff is friendly, grilled chicken was a little over cooked and dry. Waiter was not atrentive he did not frequent the table often and he only had 3 tables to wait on in the same section.

Jeff Bourne Jr.

I would give this place no stars if it was an option. Food came late and cold. Sent it back and came out hot and rubbery right out of the microwave (disgusting). Service was terrible they were late with everything and never checked on how we were. We expressed our disappointment and not anyone apologized or offered to take a meal off our bill or at least give us a discount for our complete waste of time. Never going back. Please do yourselves a favor and avoid this Applebee's. Your wallet, taste buds and family will thank you.

Pyramid state

I have ordered the chicken fajita roll-up many times from this Applebee's and the last 5 times have been horrible. The reason I get the roll-up is because the wrap together with the sauce is amazing but lately the sauce has been like water.. It's usually nice and creamy and will sit on the wrap when you put it on but it just runs and has zero flavor now. I tried to order it 5 times to see if it's just temporary but it's been constant.... I have rated them on doordash multiple times but it seems like they just don't care, and at this point I am done ordering from them. I have been a customer since 2000 and it's sad that now they are not taking care of a simple sauce.

Ryan claud

I didn't dine in, they were about to close, our waiter was superb he was very attentive and he patiently waited for my wife to make up her mind on what she wanted to eat. I have one suggestion for this franchise please expand your menu, please add more choices for people to pick from

Mary Vercruysse

Good service. Mackenzie did a great job.

Johnny Fernandez

The service was excelent but the food in my opinion was terrible comparing to other applebee's. In my last trip to this place, I ordered ribs but I hate it because it was burned. I even try the food my wife had and I noticed that it has too much pepper. So in my opinion, It should be better to go to a different restaurant nearby instead of going to this place.

Marci H.

Service was good.Meal delicious

Rich Hutchinson

This was good, fast service, had a chicken breast which was simple but really good.

sid meyer

Excellent experience great service decent food. Its food not dining. Nice service clean bathroom.

Jeanette Cella

Great waiter Great food Great prices. If there's any issue, manager accommodates your problem. Never ever could complain about this location.

Al Sayles

The menu and prices are fabulous, with such good taste menu l couldn't keep it a secret. I told family and friends ?

Anige Ramirez

Food was amazing as always, Server checked in with us to make sure everything was well. Ordered Wonton Tacos & Chicken Dillas ??

Samee B.

The staff was attentive, food came out in a timely manner & it was delicious. I ordered the 2 for $29 and took an entree home. Our server was excellent and I recommend this place to everyone.

Stephan H.

Absolutely the worst meal I've had in a long time. All white lettuce with still frozen shrimp and a big greasy hair right on top. My favorite locally owned restaurant went under during COVID and this dump stayed open. Please don't give them business. Go somewhere local and get a real fresh meal.

Rellik Del Rio

Fruit smoothies and flavored ice teas are delicious. Food is good as well as service.

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