Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

3345 Brunswick Pike-Rt, US-1, Trenton
(609) 987-9207

Recent Reviews

Jacqueline Brooks Spears

It was a short wait time for a Friday. Service was good--food was plentiful and good.Waitress was on point.

Kal Shethia

Been here several times and is always hit or miss with food but this time was justnext level bad.First off, water was served in a filthy glass..picture attached.Then came filthy plate..picture attached.Then came Minestrone soup that was probably sitting there since afternoonAnd finally not so fresh breadsticks ?Our server was decent though.

Heather Draper

The food was really good. The temperature was good on everything and salad was fresh however ordering the endless soup and salad was a bit frustrating because the service was very poor. We waited about 15 minutes before we anyone even addressed us. We were served soup and salad but had to actually walk up to the bar and get our own beverages. There was about 5 or 6 servers standing in the front of the restaurant just hanging out. Our server made it clear that she did not want to be there. Overall, I wish we picked somewhere else to eat today.

Arlene Bonville

It was great. No waiting, wait staff were great, food delicious. Plus we got 2 $5 meals to take home. Win win!

Justin Rogers-Cooper

It had been many years since we visited an Olive Garden, so we dropped in here after a movie. The table tablet ordering was a pandemic inspired convenience, especially for paying the check, and the breadsticks and salad proved worthy of the fond memories.I had a surprisingly well done piece of salmon with perfectly steamed broccoli, while the spouse relayed she had a fine eggplant Parmesan. The kid liked the ample sized portion of fettuccine Alfredo with a sliced chicken breast complementing the other side of steamed broccoli (there was more than enough for the next day’s lunch). The salad starter came in a big bowl and wasn’t over-dressed.The Sauvignon blanc was more than passable, although the cocktails are a wee on the sweet side.Our server was polite and attentive, and the staff were busy with their tables and full of hustle and bustle.All said, the menu seemed streamlined and it seems they’re emphasizing reliability of service and flavors. A fine chain dining experience after a movie.

Venkat Viswanathan

The dining experience at Olive Garden is always a pleasure. The staff were very courteous and the food was delicious as usual. The quality of food at this Olive Garden is at par with other branches that I have visited in the past. The order was delivered pretty quickly. They were also kind enough to change one of our orders mid way before it was served. I would definitely go back again here!

lois toal

Don't go! After being in lock down for so long we decided to give Olive Garden a try. I had soup and my husband had salad followed by our appetizer and our entree. .... Did I say followed by? Our soup and salad came and within two minutes our appetizer showed up. I asked our server to please hold back on our entree so we could finish the soup, salad and the appetizer. He said no problem. It couldn't have been five minutes and the manager comes out with the entree. I looked at her and made her aware that we asked if our entree could be held back a bit. She stood there holding the plates and said "so you want me to bring them back in the kitchen?" . Why would we do that? So she could spit in our food? Now, we have all three courses sitting on our table. What a disappointment. I know it's fast food but it was a tad too fast for us. Don't go.

sonia carvalho

Grilled salmon was awesome... shrimp scampi over angel hair was delicious and salad always is the best...and our server Jonathan was perfect and very nice...

Arika Fowler

Went to this establishment today. Had a waiter but I forgot his name & he was a delight to encounter! My food was DELICIOUS & my children were happy! I tend to spend upwards of $100 on a regular restaurant trip with myself, my 10 year old and my 1 year old & the last two time's I went to Seasons 52 of Bridgewater and Cheesecake Factory of Lawrenceville both their services were TERRIBLE! This Olive Garden has satisfied my need for a little Italy in my life after Church! I'll be back next Sunday with the quality service and DELICIOUS food my family and I received ❤! Keep up the great work!

Ollie “OliversTwist”

Excellent service...great food, clean, great value overall!

Robin V

Needs more staff. I blame the pandemic. Also the hosts need more customer service training.

Jacqueline Hillanbrand

Service was over all great! Bartender was very friendly. The front host were clueless to what tables or bar tops were actually available. I would have left if i didn't ask about seating at the bar because they were saying over 30 minute wait to be seated

Sandie V

Our server Eli was on point with everything; when I go back, I'll definitely be asking for him! I only took a star away because I used to love the calamari but they've changed it and it's no longer something I enjoy

Alex Guiral

The waitress was horrible. Took forever to greet us after two better waiters had already took drink and app orders. Wish we kept one of them. She brought out our main courses when we were still having salad and appetizers. Took plates away without asking if we were finished. Asked for a knife, since she took mine away before, that took 10 minutes and asking someone else.When we asked for boxes for leftovers, she was going to take away food we planned on boxing.Ugh..

Work Orders

To go guy had no idea what was going on- poor training of employees. Been going and order from OG for years always got soup or salad that comes with my kids meals. We have five kids so we need five kids meals, plus two adult entrees, plus a whole gallon of soup. It wasn't about getting a "freebie" its just it always came and our kids love that. To go guy refused to accommodate. Manager "Jenny" came on the phone and was even more rude about it. It's okay, we will take our "regular" business elsewhere, no biggie.

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